The best of MWC 2023: our award winners

This year like every year since the dawn of time, Isoline Communications was on the ground at MWC, the world’s biggest mobile industry event. From connected aviation to holographs, we were looking for the best and brightest ideas in tech, and we weren’t disappointed.

But that’s not what you’re here for. No, what you want to know is who’s won this year prestigious Isoline Awards, known as an “Izzy” for short.

(You’ve definitely heard of them as they weren’t made up at all this year).

Without further ado, here are our stand outs this year.

Best freebie award

Freebies were far and few between compared to previous years, but there were still some worthy additions. We loved the holographic bag from Whale Cloud, Telecoming’s bold notebook, and Speechmatics’ socks.


However, for its originality, eco-friendliness, and long-term usefulness, we’ve got to give the award to Dobe Computing’s back scratcher.


Best stand attraction

Every year SK Telecom goes bigger and bolder with its stand, with an emphasis on virtual reality (VR). When it comes to grabbing attention, whether from the upper walkways or across the hall, their flying taxi VR experience was hard to beat.


Best looking stand

There are many serious contenders for this position, we loved Infosys’ focus on nature, or Aalto’s Airbus aviation display, but there is a clear winner: Nokia. Nokia spelled out its new logo across a gigantic wall with stunning images projecting into the shapes.

More than a stand, Nokia created an immersive experience.


Best digital wall display

There was no shortage of gorgeous digital wall displays but our favourite usage came from Samsung. Using a wall of mobile walls to display images was delightfully meta and visually effective. As well as this, Samsung’s photobooth attraction encouraged visitors to have their photo taken and then displayed on a wall for everyone to see.


Best demonstration at a stand

No magicians were spotted this year, but Dr OLED’s weird lab at the Samsung Display booth made up for it. This interactive display complete with assistants in lab coats, encouraged visitors to test out the capabilities of OLED, by taking a picture from a fish tank or attaching it to helium balloons.


Best coffee

Several stands offered free coffee from our usual favourites Red Hat to TCL but for originality, wouldn’t you rather get served by a robot barista?

Once again, SK Telecom delivered with their AI robot barista dishing out some of the strongest coffee of the event.


Best interactive experience

Again, this was a strong field, with Telefonica offering to turn you into a hologram, or Samsung’s moon landscape display showing off the powerful zoom of their Galaxy S23 series.

However, the unanimous favourite on our team was Segway Ninebot which allowed participants to feel like Lewis Hamilton by racing around the stand in their Gokart Pro.


Best stand overall

Opinions on this will differ wildly, but the one we keep returning to is Samsung’s. Events like MWC are inevitably ecologically unfriendly, and we really appreciated their effort to be sustainable in a variety of creative ways, from the upcycled phone wall display to showcasing how they use recycled materials in their Galaxy S23 series.


Beyond sustainability, Samsung’s stand was also built with site visitors in mind. They used multiple tactics to give visitors opportunities to interact with their products, from photo shoots to hands on demos.

It sounds simple but if you put people at the heart of your stand design, you create memorable experiences for them. And that’s exactly what they achieved.

Beyond MWC

Feeling inspired by this year’s stands? Wondering how to best prepare for future events? Want to know how to attract crowds to your stand?


Whats your top best practice for MWC? #mwc23 #toptips #techtok

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