Our clients are cutting-edge tech B2B companies operating in a wide range of complex and emerging technology industries. And while their names may not be common knowledge to consumers, they touch every aspect of our lives – how we communicate, work, live, and buy. From SaaS content marketing to FinTech we have expertise in a range of different industries .


This is our home ground with clients ranging from capacity to cloud providers. From the days of the Nokia brick phone in the 1990s to cloud communications today, this is a space where change is the only constant. It feels like every two years, a transformative technology comes along from 2G to 5G, use cases are exploding and players like Netflix and Facebook continue to transform capacity and data transmission across the globe. Through our work with some of the world’s largest telecoms and networking infrastructure providers, we come to the table already equipped with knowledge and insights into the sector that are hard to beat. What this means for you is an agency that’s got a short learning curve and can bring to bear industry insights to supplement your own. Find out more about our content marketing services to telecom brands.


IoT platform and connectivity providers now offer all manner of innovative applications from tracking livestock and wildlife, to essential services like automotive and smart meters, heavy industries like mining and manufacturing, and business essentials like logistics and even air quality monitoring. But it’s not so much the consumer end that fascinates us as the complex, interconnected technical ecosystem that works seamlessly under the hood to deliver these connected services. We’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes in the IoT ecosystem – connectivity providers, platform providers and service developers. The content we create is technically savvy, in-depth and can support bottom-of-funnel level conversations.

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Digital fraud is a fast growing, multinational business that crosses national borders and jurisdictions. Fraud prevention for many digital players brings with it the tradeoff between security and consumer convenience. A ‘write it off’ attitude is emerging due to the sheer difficulty of keeping pace with fraudsters. However, the holistic cost of fraud goes far beyond just lost revenue or reparations. There are regulatory, reputational, legal and many other hidden costs associated with high fraud rates on a platform or network. We’ve worked with heuristic fraud prevention technologies to address telecoms fraud types like Wangiri and International Revenue Share Fraud. We’ve run campaigns on authentication technologies including mobile identity and e-mail based authentication that have led to increased sales, high-level conversations and improved brand perceptions.


Fintech is a huge field that crosses over into other tech sectors like cybersecurity and blockchain. Fintech is another area where there are almost too many subsectors to count from mobile payments, digital transformation in banking, investment, settlements, algorithmic trading and more. And as with all our sectors of specialisation, it’s not just about the applications. Low-latency networks that support nanosecond-level decisions in trading, blockchain-based platforms to help companies make settlements across national borders, behavioral finance methodologies… the technologies we’ve worked with to support the finance vertical have taught us a lot. Experience we can bring to bear to support your fintech business.

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Blockchain is on everybody’s radar but with the buzz comes the misconceptions, foremost among which is the perception that blockchain means cryptocurrency. The innovative blockchain startups we have worked with are a showcase for the immense potential for use cases – including asset tokenisation, sustainable supply chains to end modern slavery and trace provenance, financial settlement platforms for large corporates, and supplier management platforms. Blockchain is indeed difficult to understand – and it’s important to pitch the benefits of any blockchain-based platform at the correct level so as to not scare away potential buyers and investors. We have the experience to relate to your proposition and make it relatable to your audiences. We’ve worked on investor pitches, websites, sales enablement assets and more to help technical geniuses showcase their big idea to the audiences they are intended for.


The events of 2020 alone and demonstrate how central medical technology is to the global economy. The medtech market has given birth to an A-Z of emerging tech from analytical chemistry to diagnostic AI and connected sensors to help vulnerable and those with chronic conditions remain independent and mobile. Smart cities and smart healthcare are around the corner, and we can’t wait to welcome these trends. Working with medtech brands brings with it a whole new set of considerations and constraints, foremost among which is the regulatory aspect. We understand some of the nuances of this business and know how to deliver content that’s perfectly pitched, accessible to the audiences it is intended for.


Broadcast has been redefined completely around delivering quality of service to consumers, increasing lifetime value, customer acquisition and reducing churn. Services like aVOD, sVOD, tVOD have changed the face of broadcast and brought with them a whole new industry aligned with service delivery, analytics and the associated technologies to support them. Our clients are seeing an entire industry growing out of identifying and matching niche consumer expectations. Broadcast is one of the sectors we have most experience in, driving thought leadership and pushing prospects through the sales funnel with informed, intelligent content that addresses key pain points.

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