Case study

HB Reavis | Driving sales through relevant and timely content marketing



International real estate developer and smart office technology provider HB Reavis was hit harder than most by the covid pandemic. Rents dropped and occupiers moved out overnight. But while the business climate was changing, c-suite audiences around the world – and in each of HB Reavis’ target markets – were looking for an expert voice to tell them what a return to the office would look like after lockdown.


Isoline saw an opportunity to answer that question, and to challenge the assumption that remote working would become the norm. We worked with HB Reavis to conduct a series of market surveys that took the pulse of employees and employers around what they wanted from the future of work. We then layered in four ‘megatrends’ tipped to drive business productivity and employee wellbeing in a post-pandemic world, creating a fully comprehensive report on the topic.



The HB Reavis ‘Future of Work’ report hit the market at just the right time – and the response was strong. Supported by a digital marketing campaign, the report generated 500 qualified leads in the first four weeks while active promotion was running. It’s been pulling in leads organically since then (topping 1,000 at last count) and has directly resulted in HB Reavis winning new enterprise-level business.

  • 1,000+ leads

  • 3.6 million C-suite social media impressions

  • 1:7 ROI