Evaluation and measurement of tech B2B content marketing campaigns is essential for optimisation and improvement.

Measurement takes a significant investment in time (and money) so we plan for it from the outset. Our approach suits your needs and existing reporting structures. Our dashboard methodology provides clear insights into how content generation fits into business KPIs over time.

Here are some ways we measure content performance:

Website traffic

Campaign ‘breakthroughs’ e.g. new market segments

Leads across channels, business units and campaigns

Web-to-lead forms

Response to email outreach

LinkedIn campaign analytics

Social media to web traffic conversions

Anecdotal sales team feedback


Content measurement is an integral part of the content creation process. Here’s how:

  • Strategy – Our effective content strategies deliver on your goals by focusing on high engagement, high lead yield pieces for maximum impact.
  • Design – For when visuals say it better than words. Our design services bring concepts to life.
  • Promotion – Creating content is hard work and we understand the importance of maximising content ROI. Our promotional campaigns ensure your key audiences see and take action on content.
  • Optimisation – Content must be optimised for relevant digital channels and search rankings. We measure the success of distributed content to improve and adapt campaigns.


We believe that all great content has a few things in common, regardless of how technical the audience is.

It’s easy to find

If no one can find your content, no one can benefit from it. Your audience has to be able to perform a search engine query and find your content, or else all of the work you have put into creating it will go to waste. The ultimate goal is to get your content to appear in organic search results, and the higher up the better. Our content strategy services are grounded in SEO research and we ensure that we help you attain high rankings for your preferred keywords.

It’s easy to read

A good content strategy moves away consciously from producing reams of words. The format matters. We’ve all felt it: a wall of copy with no breaks is an instant repellent. Great content is easy to read and easy to scan – perhaps you are reading this article because you were wondering how to improve your content? Our campaigns have a diverse array of interesting, engaging content. Check out our content creation services for more information.

It’s easy to share

Great content is sharable. For people to share your content they have to find value in it. Think about what makes you want to share something you find online? Most likely, you found it insightful, easy-to-read and helpful. If people get value out of the content you produce, they will want to share it to help others. It’s this value that our content always seeks to reveal. Check out our content marketing page for more information.

It’s easy on the eyes

Great content includes visuals. And it’s not all about Shutterstock photos: infographics, charts, illustrations, and videos are essential to keep readers more engaged. According to Hubspot, blog articles that included infographics generated an average of 178% more inbound links and 72% more views than all other posts. Our strategy recognises that individuals consume information in different ways, and allows for these.

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