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Bill Gates famously said ‘content is king’. This was two decades ago, but holds true even today. Creating great content that resonates with your target audience marks the difference between success and failure of any marketing campaign. To put it simply, without great content, your campaigns will fall flat. Content is the backbone of all your social media, sales activities, outbound marketing, printed literature, emails and more.

Your whole marketing and sales strategy need to be fuelled by great content. As a specialist technology and B2B content creation agency, we can stimulate your audience to behave or think in an intended way. Our content can change their minds, help them see things differently and even generate an action.

We understand that it takes insight, knowledge, research, patience, and skill to create successful content for B2B audiences. It needs to walk the fine line between rational and emotional. Our process is designed to unlock the fantastic stories within your business and generate content that engages with your target audience.

With more than 25 years of experience, working with technology and B2B clients around the world, we know the role and function of content across different channels in sales enablement. We draw on data throughout the content building process to help you achieve your business goals.

‘Content marketing is all the Marketing that’s left’

B2B Content Marketing Services For Every Channel

From traditional media to digital content, our in-house team of experts understand how to articulate your sales and marketing messages in a manner that resonates with customers and influencers. Our services cover the entire spectrum of your marketing activities, including:

  • Positioning
  • White papers
  • Solution stories
  • Case studies
  • Use cases
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • E-mails and newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Blogs and v-blogs
  • Social Media
  • Videos

We also write content for statutory communications, including annual and interim reports, sustainability reports and more. We ensure that your performance is presented in the best possible light and investors understand your objectives, strategies and results.


Audit – We’ll delve deep into your archives, to unearth the powerful stories within your business. We’ll research your target audience and understand the channels, the messaging and the content they will engage with.

Plan – We’ll provide you with a fully formed content calendar, charting all the great, integrated content we’ll develop throughout the year.

Create – Our favourite part! We’ll begin developing amazing content that is on brand, integrated across all channels and above all, works. Once signed off, the content is then shared across your marketing and sales network, ensuring maximum impact and audience awareness.

Analyse – We don’t stop at content creation. We’re constantly analysing the performance of every single piece of content we create. We’ll learn what message, what imagery and what channel resonates with your audience most effectively. Our approach to analysis means our content just keeps getting better and better!


B2B content creation, especially for tech and telecoms companies, requires true expertise due to the complexity of the messages involved and the fast-paced environment. B2B companies need compelling messaging that engages, informs and educates their audiences.

Isoline’s experts have been writing specialist content for tech companies for more than 25 years altogether, so you can be confident we have the knowledge and experience that’s essential for this complex industry.

We offer comprehensive content creation solutions, enabling us to turn technical or product details into engaging content.

Whether you require ongoing content creation or one-off projects or events, we’ll work proactively to get the expertise and opinion only you possess. We will craft it into stories that engage with your audience and promote your products and services effectively.

Get in touch today for more information about our B2B content creation services.

Case Studies

Tata docomo company logo

Engaging with audiences through compelling content

Challenge: Tata Docomo Business Services needed to keep customers interested in its solutions, but the technical nature of the services was a barrier

Strategy: A comprehensive content marketing campaign selling not services but business benefits and positioning the company as a collaborative partner

Result: Impactful and systematic content marketing campaign successful at driving customer interest

office block
powerassets-logo-min hunghing-logo-min

Financial results writing

Isoline has extensive experience in writing annual and interim reports, sustainability and CSR reports for infrastructure and engineering companies.

Our reports are well researched and thoughtfully presented, communicating companies’ long-term strategy at a time of global economic uncertainty.

Power Assets Interim Report Example

Increasing visibility and establishing credibility

Challenge: To increase visibility for Marketizator’s suite of conversion rate optimization products

Strategy: A systematic outreach campaign incorporating funding, case studies and customer testimonials for credibility, online events and thought leadership

Result: Steady press visibility and share of voice

laptop with website on screen

Elevating conversation from product to solution

Challenge: BICS – one of the world’s most successful wholesale operators, needed to attract new non-traditional customers

Strategy: We decided to reposition from a product to a solution sell, simplifying the story to speak to broader, non-techy audiences

Result: More nuanced content and sales enablement collaterals from positioning to infographics that help sales team reach different customer segments around the world

man on phone
Jet Co Company Logo

Engaging consumers through an online rebrand

Challenge: A staid, dated website that did not reflect JETCO’s exciting, dynamic range of fintech services

Strategy: We decided to speak directly to consumers to showcase the hidden role JETCO plays in their lives. Punchy language and dramatic photography was used to create a vibrant, exciting feel.

Result: A modern website free of jargon with multimedia content, quizzes and loads of images

busy city street

Online visibility campaign

Challenge: To help the NGO engage with a wide range of stakeholders from regulators, volunteers, donors to candidates on a shoestring budget

Strategy: We decided to use the Pudumai Penn website as its primary voice, showcasing the girls’ achievements, attitudes and aspirations. A simple visual style and accessible language help address potential donors audiences and emphasise its local roots. A dynamic content strategy keeps the website fresh and gives donors a reason to return

Results: Positive stakeholder feedback and improved engagement

women celebrating

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