Circle of lamplight

October 21, 2015


By Anu Ramani

Anu Ramani is a specialist in international B2B communications.

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And there’s a story about a man whose ring slipped off his finger one evening.

His neighbour came across him, searching the pavement intently in the circle of light cast by the streetlamp. In response to a startled inquiry, the chap replied that he was looking for his ring.

“Where did you lose it?” asked the neighbour.
“There, under that tree,” pointed the ringless one.
“Then why are you searching here, under the lamp?”
“Because I can see better here.”

As PR professionals we must resist the temptation to conduct campaigns under the circle of lamplight because it’s easier, or safer. Harder? Yes. More complex? Perhaps.

But the only way to achieve real results is to conduct campaigns, no matter what size, where they are needed. And the only thing holding us back is fear of the unknown.

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