What content do B2B buyers want?

Tech for Thought | 2024 edition

Do you feel like content marketing results are becoming increasingly unpredictable? Is keeping up with today’s fast evolving marketing landscape stressing you out?

If so, you’re far from alone.

Your ideal buyers are facing similar challenges. They too must navigate an overwhelming number of technology propositions with limited time on their hands. With so much content out there, they struggle to make snap decisions.

Which is why creating the right content has never mattered more.

With our latest report, we help you remove the guesswork from your 2024 content marketing strategy. Spend less time wondering and more time creating converting content.

What’s the report? For the third year running, we surveyed 250+ tech B2B decision-makers in Europe and North America to find out what makes them tick. We analysed these results to share with you our key findings.

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  • Unlock the persona of today’s tech B2B buyer: What do they look like and what do they need to make a purchasing decision?
  • Navigate content types: Which channels do buyers love most and what kind of content do they find trustworthy?
  • Optimize your content funnel: Discover what content is needed the most at each stage of the purchase process.