From lightbulbs to cars, from parcel tracking to automated chemical analytics, connected devices and services are transforming our world at an unprecedented rate. Powered by maturing connectivity technologies, sensors, and big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) will fundamentally change how enterprise business models work, how governments deliver services to their citizens, and how consumers interact with the world around them.

Yet, IoT is still in its infancy and many enterprises are hesitating to dip their toes into the water, with concerns centering around skill set, security, integration, and demonstrative value. Setting up a connected service means companies with little or no experience in telecoms, connectivity, or analytics must quickly acquire these complex new skillsets. Hundreds of companies large and small offer specialised services, creating noise and competition for share of voice.

In this environment, standing out with your proposition can be a challenge. To be effective, creating the right message for your customers and product users to address their needs and pain points is paramount.

Here at Isoline, we’ve worked with different players across the IoT sector: from connectivity and platform providers, security vendors, and service developers. We have an unmatched level of experience with creating cut-through content for the technical, interconnected ecosystem of IoT. For you, this means a short learning curve and fastest time-to-market, and content that is right first time.


While it’s tempting to go straight to the technology, no IoT content campaign can start without a complete picture of the business, its objectives, and the target audience.

Underlying our content strategy and planning is a proven process that begins with identifying your customers and their pain points. We work quickly to understand your IoT offering, and spend time understanding the pain points of your customers and why they would find your offer compelling. What are they looking for? What do you want them to do or think when they view your content?

We analyse competitors, market drivers, current content strategy and performance, platform, and more. From this, we quickly understand the full scope of opportunities, strengths, and requirements to help deliver your strategic goals.

We develop comprehensive strategy, positioning, and messaging that will be most effective at driving your strategic objectives. All this is based on this foundation of strategic insight and taking into account the inputs of stakeholders at all levels of your business to ensure we deliver a high-impact campaign.


The IoT sector is full of opportunity. But companies seeking to participate in the IoT ecosystem need to address prospects’ concerns including concerns over complexity, security, platform openness, autonomy, and vendor lock-in as they navigate the purchase process. In such a complex sector, we find that education and marketing often have to go hand-in-hand.

IoT businesses must assure their audience that the opportunities far outweigh the challenges. To do so, content marketing can help allay fears, increase confidence and demonstrate the true value of the IoT ecosystem, driving business growth.

From clear-cut sales enablement content to building out an educational resource centre that drives engagement and qualified leads, we create content that builds trust in your audience.

Based on our experience with IoT players from large organisations to startups, we understand how to create impactful, bold content that strikes a balance between straightforward messaging and technical details.


Creating the campaign is only part of the picture. Tangible measurement driven by pre-agreed metrics are key to sustainable success and improvement.

IoT offers a wide range of use cases, so being able to deliver content marketing that consistently strikes the right note with your audience and addresses their needs requires a flexible, data-driven approach.

From the outset, we propose and define agreed KPIs that align with your wider business objectives and goals. We monitor content effectiveness on an ongoing basis with our unique metric-driven approach. Campaign evaluation does not wait for the end of the campaign – it takes place alongside, taking into account analytics from your website and CRM – so that we can adapt and fine-tune to deliver the best results for your IoT business every time.


5G, edge computing, and AI have all been major areas of investment within telecoms for the last few years. They have drawn much attention and capital from providers looking to anticipate the key trends that will affect the industry in the immediate future.

Our own study on the state of content marketing in tech B2B companies, including in-depth insights from industry participants on what they did in 2020 and what they have planned for 2021.


As a content marketing agency with a unique specialisation in IoT, we deliver first-rate marketing campaigns that understand the needs, opportunities, and challenges of companies in the IoT sector.