Ocean technology – a new branch for Isoline?

COVID-19 has sadly sparked a surge in plastic pollution, and our seas are seeing the worst of it with tens-of-thousands of single-use masks and gloves making their way to our oceans globally. Charities including 4ocean have shared their conservation efforts in regions such as Bali, Indonesia, where their cleanup crews have cited a serious threat […]

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No trade shows – no problem

Trade shows are the ‘proof of the pudding’ for content marketers. It’s often where we finally see all our hard work pay off – especially if you are in the B2B tech space. Events such as MWC are fundamental calendar markers for the telecoms industry, with a hundred thousand attendees travelling from all over the […]

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Our favourite tools to help improve writing skills

Content marketers need to ensure that their copywriting is 100% accurate – typos and grammatical errors are simply unacceptable and damaging to the image that a brand needs to convey. While there is no substitute for a second pair of eyes and systematic proofreading, writing tools are a great way to review copy and spot […]

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