43 content marketing tools you probably haven’t heard about

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If you’re sick of seeing the same old marketing tools lists that include the same few solutions, you’re not alone.

There are more than 8,000 MarTech solutions out there, but you’d never know it from reading most blog posts on the subject.

We’re not going to mention Canva, HubSpot, Google Analytics, or the Hemingway app here. Instead, we want to introduce you to some really great content marketing tools that you might not be familiar with.

So, dive in!


Tools to improve your copy:

Tools to find subject matter experts:

  • SparkToro is an audience research tool that finds your audience’s true sources of influence
  • Terkel is a platform for experts: answer questions to be featured in articles or source expert views for your content marketing
  • Qwoted makes it easy to find experts, guests, and story ideas quickly
  • HelpaB2Bwriter connects B2B writers with relevant sources

SparToro audience influence content marketing toolsTools to hack research:

Tools to integrate SEO into your content marketing:

  • Dashword optimises your content for SEO and monitors its success
  • Narrato is a content creation and workflow platform that integrates keyword research
  • SurferSEO creates SEO workflows for your content
  • Frase helps you create an SEO-friendly content structure in seconds thanks to AI

Tools to distribute your content:


Tools to create interactive content marketing:

  • Turtl turns your content into an immersive experience, including polls
  • Thinglink lets you annotate any video, image, or 360-degree video
  • Wirewax adds clickable areas to your videos
Wirewax content marketing strategy interactive

Tools to edit your videos from your phone:

  • Capcut is an all-in-one video editing solution with auto-caption and wide range of effects – perfect for TikTok, Instagram, and more
  • Inshot is a user-friendly video editing tool for your phone, with a wide choice of transition effects, slow motion, blurring, etc

Tools to edit and create videos from your browser:

  • Lumen5 to turn blogs into videos in just a few minutes
  • Kapwing to perform easy editing tasks on the go, such as resizing a video, trimming it, or adding subtitles

Tools to create fun visuals:

  • Giphy to create your own GIF and upload it to their extensive library in minutes
  • Imgflip to turn videos and images into GIFS quickly
  • Create memes for free on the go

Tools to save you time:

  • PDF24 to edit PDFs without Adobe: sign, split, merge, or convert your documents
  • Lightshot screenshot to take and edit screenshots
  • Word 2 clean turns your Word documents into clean HTML

Tools to create audio content:

  • Gliide transforms your audio into engaging multimedia content
  • Vocal Video captures audio and video testimonials without the legwork


Tools to increase the reach of your content:

  • Quuu adds your content in the social media queues of influencers
  • Missing lettr creates a drip feed campaign for your blog content 

Quuu social media distribution content marketing

Tools for social selling:

  • Awario is a social listening tool, helping you to monitor conversations happening online
  • Nimble is a social selling CRM tool that helps you keep track of your leads across all social media platforms

Tools to improve your Twitter game:

  • Tweethunter for automated content generation
  • Ilo is a Twitter engagement analytics tool
  • Typefully makes creating Twitter threads look easy

Tools to up your LinkedIn game:

  • Authored in is a Chrome extension that takes your LinkedIn posts to the next level by giving you easy formatting options
  • Publer is a social media scheduling tool that’s optimised for LinkedIn
  • Typeshare offers powerful social media templates for LinkedIn and Twitter, including atomic essays
  • Expandi is a LinkedIn automation software allowing you to create complex outreach flows


 While tools can be brilliant time savers and help you create more optimized and attention-grabbing content, you need to remember that a tool is just that, a tool. It is not a miracle cure and won’t replace a solid content marketing strategy.

Save yourself the time and effort of testing and trying tools and let us help you implement the perfect content marketing strategy. Get in touch today at hello@isolinecomms.com

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