Spotlight on Isoline: life as an account manager

Account Manageer

It’s difficult to describe a typical day as an Account Manager (AM) at Isoline. No two are the same. And this applies to every position in the agency. The variety keeps everyone on their toes and ensures every team member begins each day with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

The agency runs a hybrid working system. Mondays and Tuesdays we are in the office and the other days we work from home. Our office is right by London Bridge train station. Being so close to such a large and well-connected station means that it’s easy to get here from pretty much anywhere in London. (We also have an abundance of great lunch options.) The whole team looks forward to the office days – the conversations we have are always fun we all enjoy one another’s company.

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What sets Isoline apart from other agencies

When talking about life in the AM role at Isoline, it’s important to mention early on that here everyone has a hand in content creation. This means that people on the client services team get to do a lot of copywriting, which is one thing that really sets this AM role apart from positions at other agencies. Writing content offers us a chance to exercise creative part of our brains every day and to reach a deeper understanding of the clients’ businesses than is possible in typical AM roles, which are much further removed from content creation.

Isoline is a tech B2B content marketing agency. We work with companies that are developing solutions that drive business forward. The content and campaigns we create for our client comes in all shapes and sizes – from videos and interactive infographics to thought-leadership initiatives and website rebuilds, we cover it all. This means the other content creators and I write every type of marketing copy you can imagine. If, like me, you enjoy writing and you’re interested in cutting edge technology, then Isoline is the place for you.

Some of the AMs at Isoline work on just a couple of larger accounts, but I work across several under a few different Account Directors (AD). And the accounts I’m on are spread across the world. Working under different ADs connects me with a range of working styles and presents a great opportunity to absorb knowledge from a number of sources. Having clients based in different countries has allowed me to gain an understanding of the nuances between the working cultures around the world, and it requires me to adjust my communication style to suit each one. This is another thing that ensures each day at Isoline is an exciting challenge. 

Collaborating with clients and other members of the team

Meetings with clients are a core part of each week. They are the chance to align on current project deliverables, evaluate the performance of completed work, and collaborate on ideas for future campaigns. The client contacts that we have are great, and they are truly receptive to the concepts that we bring forward into ideation sessions.

The internal hierarchy at Isoline is extremely flat, which means that the ADs and company directors work closely with AMs and other junior staff to prep for client meetings and attach a lot of weight to ideas we have. They don’t just listen to our suggestions, they often act on them, which makes working together super rewarding.

As with any AM role, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, to brief, and under budget is essential. It’s in doing this that I work with the agency’s designers to sync up on project timelines and requirements. I get a sense of their enthusiasm, watch the creativity pour out of them, and see their willingness to go the extra mile. I’m lucky to have such great coworkers.

Account Manager, B2B marketing, Agency, Client Services

The added benefits of working at Isoline

Isoline is a small but growing agency. Because of this, everyone pitches in on initiatives related to agency growth and staff progression. Each member of the team is assigned to a specific area. This could be anything from grad recruitment and staff upskilling to CSR programmes and organising team social events. I am on the Learning and Development team. We are given a large amount of control over the direction we take these initiatives and how we use budget. Being empowered in this way means that everyone takes ownership of their area fully and gets a lot of enjoyment out of making their contribution.

Isoline offers great pastoral care to all members of staff. I have a weekly call with my line manager (LM) to discuss the events of the past seven days, give and receive feedback, and make plans for the coming weeks and months. For guidance on career progression, I have a session with a mentor that I was able to select myself every two weeks. He also helps me by making suggestions for how I can best iron out any small difficulties that I have run into. Together, these LM and mentoring sessions make me feel well nurtured and that the company really cares about me as a person as well as my performance.

Except for Friday, we have a companywide meeting every morning. One person is selected via a rota system to chair these morning meetings for the whole week. On Mondays we discuss priority actions for the week, but every other day these meetings are to boost team morale. We just chat about fun topics that the meeting’s chair has pre-selected, which can be absolutely anything.

The reason we don’t have a morning meeting on Fridays is that we do the ‘Isoline Quiz’ on Friday afternoons instead. The person who has chaired the week’s meetings is the quiz master. My weeks being the quiz master and meeting chair are always highlights of the year. I love having the opportunity to positively influence everyone’s day and I put loads of effort into making my quizzes as fun for the team as possible.

Account Manager, B2B marketing, Agency, Client Services

Summing things up

In essence, life as an Account Manager at Isoline is not just about managing accounts, it’s about grabbing plenty of opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and personal growth. You’re part of a team that values everyone’s contribution and helps you to thrive personally and professionally.

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