15 of the best tech podcasts


Tech is a fast-moving field and keeping up with it is no joke. You might feel as if you’re struggling to stay well informed, and you’re far from alone. 32% of people feel overwhelmed by tech and its advances (Source: Deloitte).

So how do you keep up with the trends without burning out? One answer is: podcasts. 

Podcasts are a great way to take a deep breath and absorb some brilliant insights.

And if you’re not really sure where to start, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve assembled some of the best tech podcasts under the sun in one handy list. There’s something for everyone: from cybersecurity to politics, from 15-minute news recaps to challenging deep dives. 

Whether you are deeply embedded in the tech ecosystem already, or a curious novice, I bet you’ll fall in love with one of these fantastic podcasts.

1. The Anti-Dystopians

What is it about? The Anti-Dystopians is a political podcast about technology. Subjects vary from the colonization of outer space to the digital landscape of Southeast Asia. 

Who hosts it? Alina Utrata

Which episode should I start with? Start with (Tech) Company Rule with Dr Maha Atal which draws links between company rule and colonization with tech companies today. 


2. Blind Guy Talks Tech

What is it about? Technology joyfully meets accessibility. Blind Guy Talks Tech is a podcast focused on the latest apps, gadgets, and skills that improve accessibility (in its widest definition).

Who hosts it? Steven Scott, with Shaun Preece and Robin Christopherson

Which episode should I start with? The delightful Making a cup of tea using tech in which there is some mild tea-making controversy mixed with discussion of liquid level indicators. 


3. The Daily Charge

What is it about? The Daily Charge shares every day the biggest stories published on the CNET in a 15-minute format. It’s perfect for those who want to absorb the big tech stories without disrupting their day. 

Who hosts it? Roger Cheng

Which episode should I start with? The most recent one of course! At the time of writing, it’s this episode on wireless carriers and airlines clashing over 5G and airports


4. Darknet Diaries

What is it about? Darknet Diaries is a podcast of true stories from the dark side of the Internet, including hackers, cybercrime, and shadow government activity. It’s always a fascinating listen, adeptly narrated by host Jack Rhysider.

Who hosts it? Jack Rhysider

Which episode should I start with? The Beirut Bank Job is a brilliant episode about penetration testing by an infosec specialist. Sounds dry? It’s really not!

5. Digital Human

What is it about? Digital Human is a BBC podcast dedicated to the digital world. From exploring the relationship between content creators and their followers, to looking at the consequences of access to encryption.

Who hosts it? Aleks Krotoski

Which episode should I start with? Here’s a completely biased suggestion, listen to Animism, in which I read an especially commissioned poem.

6. The Good Robot

What is it about? The Good Robot brings a feminist perspective to the AI industry through interviews with scholars, activists, and industry experts. 

Who hosts it? Dr Eleanor Drage and Dr Kerry Mackereth

Which episode should I start with? Listen to Jason Edward Lewis on Indigenous Work in AI to find out more about how indigenous communities view AI and human relationships.

7. Human Factor Security

What is it about? The Human Factor Security is a podcast about the human element in social engineering, security, infosec, and more. And if you need a bit of social proof, it was also the winner of Best Podcast at the European Cyberscurity Blogger Awards in 2021.

Who hosts it? Jenny Radcliffe

Which episode should I start with? Start with the one with cybersecurity expert Sarah Humphries for lively insights into her career. 

8. Off Script

What is it about? Off Script is a Spotify podcast created to challenge ideas within the tech community in an unscripted setting. Topics can vary from why cybersecurity firms should hire anthropologists to the role of empathy at work. 

Who hosts it? Josh Nesbitt and James Hall

Which episode should I start with? Don’t miss Episode 12: Productivity & Mental Health – a topic that needs to stay topical.

9. Radical AI

What is it about? Radical AI podcast explores the future of AI ethics, with a strong focus on underrepresented voices, accountability, and stories. 

Who hosts it? Dylan Doyle-Burke and Jessie ‘Jess’ Smith.

Which episode should I start with? IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon Disavow Facial Recognition Technology: What Do You Need to Know? Is an unmissable episode for anyone with an interest in surveillance technology and the racial discrepancy in facial recognition. 


10. Reinventing the Digital Playbook

What is it about? Reinventing the Digital Playbook explores the future of storytelling through interviews with tech researchers and industry experts. It’s a fascinating look at how technology will change the way we engage with the world around us. 

Who hosts it? Felix Orion

Which episode should I start with? The dynamic culture of immersive media with Dr Steve Cook explores the technology driving the “new wave” of storytelling. 


10. Reply All

What is it about? Reply All is a podcast of human stories about the internet. 

Who hosts it? Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi

Which episode should I start with? An oldie but a goodie: the Snapchat thief, about a particularly worrisome tale of hacking, followed by advice to avoid the same scenario.   


12. Telco in 20

What is it about? Telco in 20 is a podcast for telco execs to help them digitally transform, with a strong focus on the public cloud. As the name suggests, each episode is only 20 minutes long. 

Who hosts it? Dr Danielle Royston

Which episode should I start with? Get the latest telco trends for 2022 in episode 32: all aboard the public cloud train.


13. Two Geeks and a Marketing Podcast

What is it about? Two Geeks and a Marketing Podcast discusses tech news through a marketing lens. From the latest SaaS companies to check out to resources for marketers, use this podcast to stay up to date in the world of marketing. 

Who hosts it? Roger Edwards and Pascal Fintoni 

Which episode should I start with? The one about Spam email, video editing cuts, Canva and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.


14. Women in Tech

What is it about? Women in Tech is an empowering and award-winning podcast that celebrates women across the tech industry. The motto “If she can do it, so can I” echoes throughout.

Who hosts it? Espree Devora

Which episode should I start with? Try the Diana Morgan episode. Morgan is the Head of Community at copy.ai (if you don’t know it, check it out!)


15. Why Aren’t you a Doctor Yet?

What is it about? Besides having the best podcast title in the universe, Why Aren’t You a Doctor Yet is a podcast blending science, tech, and pop culture. 

Who hosts it? Dr Alex Lathbridge, Suhail Patel, Hana Ayoob, and Oz Ismail

Which episode should I start with? Start with Fighting the Infodemic which asks: how do we deal with data overload in the context of the pandemic? 


Which tech podcast will you listen to?

We’d love to know which of these podcasts has caught your attention. 

And, if reading this list has fired you up to launch your own series, we’d love to help! Get in touch today to discuss how Isoline can kickstart your B2B content creation journey.