The influencer effect: B2B influencer marketing stats that will blow your mind

b2b influencer marketing stats

It’s not easy to build a community around your product or service. So what if you could tap into someone else’s community? That’s the whole idea behind influencer marketing.

By teaming up with influential individuals or industry leaders, businesses can leverage their authority and credibility. The result? Wider reach, more leads, and ultimately a boost in sales.  In fact, 86% of B2B brands are successful with influencer marketing.

What do digital-first B2B influencers look like?

B2B influencers possess specific characteristics that distinguish them within the digital landscape, and can have a significant impact influencing decisions of B2B buyers. According to B2B marketers, the top qualities for a B2B influencer according to businesses are:

  1. Relevance of audience (98%)
  2. Audience sees them as trustworthy (87%)
  3. Subject matter expertise (78%)
  4. Values align with the brand (69%)
  5. Influencer publishes on at least one platform (65%)

(TopRank Marketing)

Digital-first B2B influencers demonstrate a strong online presence across various digital platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and industry-specific forums. Marketers also said:

  • 77% of influencers engaged by B2B marketers are recognized as industry experts and analysts.
  • 56% of the influencers collaborating with B2B marketers are internal executives.
  • 12% of the influencers partnered with B2B marketers are individuals who represent potential customers.

(TopRank Marketing)

Are companies embracing this strategy?

B2B influencer marketing has become incredibly popular among companies, with more and more marketers recognizing its value. The growing use of influencers in marketing strategies showcases the widespread appeal and benefits it can bring.

By leveraging influencers, businesses can reach their target audience effectively, generate quality leads, and establish a strong sense of credibility. As a result, B2B influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful and effective tactic that contributes to overall marketing success in today’s competitive business landscape.

  • 67% of those respondents who budget for influencer marketing intend to increase their influencer marketing budget over 2023
  • 72% believe that the quality of customers from influencer marketing campaigns is better than other marketing types

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

Is influencer marketing for you?

Let’s explore the reasons why you should consider integrating influencer marketing into your B2B marketing strategy:

  1. Enhanced brand visibility and broader reach: Partnering with influential B2B influencers allows you to tap into their established audience and expand your brand’s visibility.
  2. Targeted audience engagement: B2B influencers possess a unique ability to establish connections with your target audience through their expertise and industry knowledge. These influencers can effectively communicate your brand’s message, resonate with your audience’s needs, and cultivate meaningful relationships.
  3. Increased lead generation: Incorporating influencer marketing into your strategy can have a significant impact on lead generation, capturing people’s attention and interest to turn them into paying customers, it’s simple maths more leads = more sales. Social media is the third best lead source for B2B companies, so take full advantage of it.  
  4. Adaptability to digital platforms: Influencer marketing is well-suited for digital platforms where B2B audiences actively engage. It’s crucial to target influencers who’s following are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Naturally, you want to collaborate with influential individuals who have a strong presence on the social networks that align with where your potential customers hang out and engage.

The cost of influencer marketing

Now, you might be wondering about how much embracing influencer marketing would cost. Well, the investment required can vary depending on various factors such as the influencer’s reach, engagement rate, industry expertise, as well as the size of your brand. As a result, it’s natural to observe a wide range of investment levels in this activity, if you have a small brand the investment is likely to be lower.

They content type also affects how much you may need to fork out:

  • Globally, influencers charge video creation services at $3.5k per episode
  • For podcasting, the average is $2.5k per episode
  • Writing blogs or articles comes in at $950 per 1,000 on average
  • Covering events is pricier, with an average of $5.85k per event. Speaking at events also jumps the price even higher, costing $7k on average per event

(Convince and Convert)

However, it’s essential to consider the return on investment (ROI) that influencer marketing can deliver. In fact, a study by Tomoson found that businesses earn $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

Remember, the right influencer partnerships can drive brand visibility, attract quality leads, and ultimately contribute to boosting sales, making it a worthwhile investment for your B2B marketing strategy.

Ready to embrace the influencers?

Digital B2B influencers play a crucial role, possessing a strong online presence and subject matter expertise. As we’ve seen, embracing influencer marketing brings enhanced brand visibility, targeted audience engagement, increased lead generation, and adaptability to digital platforms.

So, should you embrace the influencers? Partner up with those who possess the trust of your audience and make your brand shine. Remember, influencer marketing isn’t just a trend—it’s a fun-filled adventure that can turbocharge your B2B success!

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