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I’m seeing an increasing trend towards the use of content to improve stand stickiness, take discussions forward, and drive home key messages at trade show stands: and MWC is no exception.


We’ve all experienced it: stand drop-in traffic is unpredictable and comes in spikes: there’s always those few hours in a day when you’re uncomfortably aware that visitors are looking around or waiting for someone to speak to – sometimes leaving without chatting. Having some easy-to-carry content available for them to take away is just that little bit of added value that a company can provide. And executives say that handing over a 1-pager at the conclusion of a meeting with a business card is a good way to round off the discussion.

What types of at-stand collaterals are most popular?

  • AV content (like animated videos and v-blogs) is without a doubt the content type that’s growing most in popularity. Keep in mind that passers’by will not have very much time to watch – so keep it concise, and rely heavily on the visuals to get the message across as the tradeshow floors are notoriously noisy.
  • Short-form printed collaterals (like infographics and 1-pagers) are very widely used: they are most effective when they focus on specific solutions rather than corporate overviews. Many companies now incorporate RFID codes into their handouts to provide priority access to premium content or other offers.
  • Long-form items (like white papers) are sometimes used, and are most useful after meetings rather than as a general takeaway.
  • Use-cases are growing in adoption too. In the IoT era it’s sometimes puzzling for prospects to understand how companies’ solutions could add value to their specific business and laying it all out in a use case are a very useful tool to achieve this.

I’d like to see telecoms B2B companies get more creative and imaginative in the content they showcase at major trade shows: comics, for instance, can be used very well to showcase important concepts in a non-threatening way.

Yes: another year, another trade show season is upon us, and companies have probably invested a hefty chunk of their annual marketing budget to see and be seen at MWC Barcelona and other events. Regardless of the precise strategy or technology in, concise and useful content will help maximise the tradeshow dollar.

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About the Author : Anu Ramani

Anu Ramani is a specialist in international B2B communications.

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