Examples of inspiring blockchain marketing campaigns

Blockchain crypto marketing

If you’re in the blockchain business, you’re no stranger to innovation. But success in a fast-moving and disruptive industry needs more than cutting-edge products and services. It’s at least as important to cut through the noise with an impactful marketing campaign that gets your audience excited – and trumps competition.

The companies that get it right create buzz for months. Read on for our favourites from recent months and find out what they have in common.

What makes a great blockchain marketing campaign?

In a domain as hyped and fast-moving as blockchain technology, marketers face extra hurdles. It is often difficult to keep up with the market, let alone get ahead of it, anticipating audience tastes and preferences.

Crypto. NFTs. Web 3.0. Marketers of blockchain-based solutions often have to fight resistance to blockchain based on negative perceptions driven by high-profile publicity. Keeping up with the changing regulatory landscape, at the same time as challenging the market share of well-established, old-school organisations.

Under these circumstances, campaigns need to be:

  • Clear, simple, and easy to understand. Staying away from jargon or overly technical terms, focus on exactly what a distributed ledger can deliver for the target audience. Ask yourself: what pain points can it solve?
  • Short and snappy. The most successful campaigns communicate simple but impactful ideas in an easily accessible fashion. Ask yourself: what is the simplest way to describe how this solution does things better?
  • Informative. Our 2024 buyers’ report  found that 33% of B2B tech buyers are put off by content that is too promotional. Creating information-rich campaigns that address genuine search needs is a good way to avoid falling into the ‘me-me-me’ trap. Ask yourself: what does my audience need to know about the solution?

Our favourite blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing campaigns

1. Ripple’s Got It

Ripple’s memorable campaign was a no-brainer addition to our list. The San Francisco-based company offers enterprise blockchain solutions and an open-source payment system, and aspires to democratise finance globally. All of this is reflected in their dynamic marketing campaigns.

First introduced in 2019, their Got It video ad demonstrates at once their worldwide impact and the speed, versatility, and reliability of their solutions. It’s a straightforward concept with a relatable human element that tells a story you can almost picture yourself in. It also communicates the business’ USP in just two words, doing away with headache-inducing industry jargon.

2. eToro’s HODL

A great example of riding the popular media wave, eToro’s 2018 HODL campaign might seem a little retro from today’s perspective, but it was such a hit at the time that we couldn’t not shout it out here.

The video features actor Kristian Nairn from the hit series Game of Thrones. In a very meta moment, he is shown reviewing and rejecting ad opportunities before stumbling upon eToro’s offer and – begrudgingly – taking it. The ad plays on a beloved TV character’s most famous line while also giving insight into crypto strategies – now that’s what we call inspiring.

3. Changelly’s Quizzes

It can be difficult to innovate in the realm of email marketing, which is often guided by tedious templates that just clog up the recipient’s inbox. The marketing team at crypto exchange platform Changelly offer up an unorthodox but exciting solution.

Adding an interactive element to a marketing email makes it far more palatable, and hugely decreases the likelihood of a mass exodus from your subscribers. Emojis keep the tone fresh and familiar, while offering a reward for those that get a correct answer boosts loyalty and increases click-through. We have a lot to learn from this one!

4. PayPal’s Crypto for the People

You might be surprised to see a payment veteran feature on a list of disruptive blockchain companies, but PayPal’s 2020 campaign still hits the spot. At only 15 seconds, the Crpyto for the People ad is a prime example of to-the-point content with a clear call to action.

The beautifully illustrated video features animated people buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the PayPal platform in just a few clicks. Visually pleasing with a pithy script and crisp messaging – and the irresistible promise of starting with just 1$ – the video packs a punch.

5. Everledger’s Diamond Time-Lapse

Blockchain and distributed ledgers are so much more than crypto. The digital transparency expert Everledger showcases blockchain technology’s utility within global supply chains through their Diamond Provenance Platform, presented elegantly in a 2019 video ad.

Sure, Everledger has a unique use case, but their success also lies in their ability to build domain authority consistently through crystal-clear messaging and compelling presentation.


The unique challenge of crypto and blockchain marketing is many audiences’ inherent mistrust of, and lack of understanding around, the solutions in question. Through campaigns that use clear language, create an emotional connection with the audience, and provide non-sensationalist information, you can overcome these hurdles and successfully strike a chord with your audience – as our favourite campaigns show.

Our advice? Work with, not against, your audience’s existing mindset. Understand their position and take into account any doubts, which you can counter with the vast industry knowledge you already have. Balance the informational element with a human touch to establish an even stronger connection with your audience.

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