5 B2B podcast stats that prove you should start one

Woman using a microphone

Podcasts aren’t just for the latest Love Island drama, football roundups, or that one friend who thinks their opinions just have to be shared with the world. There are over 100 categories and subcategories on Apple podcasts, meaning there is a place for everyone in the podcast world (even that one friend). And B2B marketing isn’t exempt from this.

Content is king in B2B marketing; the more ways you can get your message out there, the better. Podcasts offer the perfect opportunity to dive deep into exactly what you’ve got to say.

Still not convinced that podcasts are right for B2B marketing? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are five B2B podcast stats that will have you shopping for microphones on Amazon Prime by the end of the day.

1. In 2022, 85% of marketers plan to keep investing in podcasts

Podcasting is where it’s at. Marketers involved in podcasts have seen the rewards and aren’t ditching it any time soon. One of the interesting facts about a podcast is that according to a survey issued by HubSpot illustrated how 82% of marketers plan to either increase or maintain their investment in podcasts.

Don’t be late for the party. The success others have seen in podcasts is something you want to get in on ASAP. The benefits of podcasts for B2B marketing are no secret, meaning the longer you wait to try it out, the more saturated the market will become. As a wise philosopher once said, you snooze, you lose.

2. Monthly podcast listeners grew by 6.1% in 2022

Is anyone even listening to podcasts anyway? According to Inside Intelligence, in 2022, there are 125 million a month in the US alone. This represents a mass of people consuming audio content monthly. It seems naïve to ignore not only the large number of people listening to podcasts but also the fact that this number is growing. Podcasts aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We all love to jump on the latest social media platform that’s taking off (I’m looking at you TikTok), so why treat podcasts any differently? Take advantage of podcasts’ large listenership and get yourself and your company out there! Just make sure to use an online audio editor to achieve the best possible sound quality for your podcasts and attract more listeners

3. 76% have followed up on an ad they heard in a podcast

The amazing thing about podcasts is the most fundamental, people are listening. Unlike social media posts that can be scrolled past and ignored, if someone listens to a podcast, they are focused on what is being said. Almost a quarter of UK adults have listened to a podcast in the past month, with 76% being influenced by an ad or sponsored message they heard.

Using podcasts to advertise is a great way to generate leads, as you know your content is absorbed by those interacting with it. Not only is it being listened to, but three-quarters of listeners are actually following up on what they are hearing, showing just how effective podcasts can be.

4. 44% of department heads, VPs, Owners, and C-Suites listen to podcasts

So, you know a lot of people are listening to podcasts, but is it the people you want? Well, yes! According to LinkedIn, key decision makers listen to podcasts. Podcasts don’t only have a large audience but a useful one.

This stat alone should demonstrate the importance of podcasts for B2B marketing. A significant amount of top-level decision makers are consuming audio content, so why wouldn’t you get in on it?

5. Organisations with a branded podcast saw 89% higher awareness

Podcasts can get your name out there and make people familiar with you. Not only was there an 89% higher awareness for organisations with a branded podcast, but also a rise in brand consideration by 57% and brand favourability by 24%. In podcasts, the conversational tone results in a higher engagement for brands, standing out from the content.

If brand awareness is something you hope to increase, podcasts are the way to do it.

Don’t hold yourself back

Podcasts are becoming more popular, have the right audience for B2B, and can boost your brand in all the best ways. What more could you want? Trying new content types is always daunting to start, but don’t let this stop you from taking advantage of everything podcasts have to offer.

With the benefits that podcasts have to offer, not jumping on board means missing out. Podcasting isn’t just for comedy and politics. Place your organisation amongst those leading the way in audio content, and start your B2B podcast today.

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