State of telecoms content marketing

What content marketing do your customers want?

Does it feel like you’re churning out content regularly, but not seeing the right results? Do you struggle to differentiate yourself from other telecommunication companies?

If so, you are far from alone in this predicament.

This report will give you the tools you need to better understand your ideal customer profile and create more effective content. It all starts by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes: B2B tech decision makers.

Adopt the mindset of decision makers

Decision makers have a tough job. They need to keep up with a bewildering number of technologies and approaches while navigating a rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape. Both need to be handled with limited time.

What do decision makers need most? The right information.

It’s their lifeline throughout the purchase journey, from the first information gathering phase to making the final decision. The information you provide them needs to be timely, insightful, and of high quality to help them make an informed decision that will drive return on investment (ROI).

Build an effective telecoms marketing strategy

But what should this content look like? What roles do different types of content play at each stage of the process? And how has this changed in 2024?

We investigated these questions in our third annual survey of B2B tech buyers.

Our mission: to get a deeper understanding of what content they respond to, so you can build a more effective marketing strategy.