From bland to brilliant: How to create a catchy B2B webinar title

B2B webinar title

People like to connect with people. That’s why webinars are an amazing B2B lead magnet: they allow you to build a personal connection with potential buyers. The problem is, with so many webinars happening every day, how do you get your audience to sign up in the first place? The answer might be a catchy B2B webinar title.

The title is the first thing your potential attendees will see, so it can make or break your event. A well-crafted title can grab the attention of your target audience, pique their interest, and entice them to register and attend your webinar. On the other hand, a bland or generic title can make your webinar go unnoticed, even if the content is high-quality and valuable.

However, it’s not always easy to come up with a title that accurately represents your content and, at the same time, resonates with your target audience. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll provide you with tips and examples on how to create a catchy B2B webinar title that will help you stand out and increase attendance. So, let’s get started!

1. Clarity

First things first: Your title should be clear and easy to understand. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that may confuse or alienate your target audience. If your audience doesn’t understand what the webinar is about, it doesn’t matter how great the title is, they just won’t sign up. So make sure you’re telling them exactly what they will get out of your event.

Tip: Clarity needs to come from the planning stages. Check out our tips for how to plan an engaging webinar.

2. Action-oriented language

Using action-oriented language in your webinar title is important because it can help to create a sense of urgency and excitement around the event. It can also help to set expectations for what attendees will get out of the webinar, and what they’ll be able to do with the information or skills they acquire. Use verbs like “Learn”, “Discover”, “Explore”, “Master”, or “Implement” to make your title more engaging and actionable.

Here are some examples of webinar titles using action-oriented verbs:

  • “Learn How to Boost Your Sales with Social Media Advertising”.
  • “Discover the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business”.
  • “Explore the Power of Video in B2B Sales”.

3. Play with words

A touch of personality can make your title more memorable and engaging. Just remember to stick to your brand voice and keep it appropriate for your target audience – otherwise you risk alienating your audience. Also, make sure the humour doesn’t overshadow the relevance or clarity of your webinar topic. Here are some tips for incorporating humour into your B2B webinar title:

  • Be witty and clever: Use witty one-liners that relate to your webinar topic or industry. For example: “Making Sales Less Taxing: A Webinar for Accountants” or “Breaking the Ice: A Webinar on Cold Email Strategies”.
  • Puns: Who doesn’t love a good pun? Puns can create a title that will make your audience smile – and remember you later. For example: “The Write Stuff: Crafting Compelling Content for B2B Audiences”.
  • Pop culture: Use references to popular movies, TV shows, or memes that your target audience can relate to. For example: “May the Force Be with Your Sales: The Jedi Mind Tricks of Successful B2B Selling”.
  • Inject some personality: Use a light-hearted tone and your attendees will feel like they’re talking to their best friend. For example: “Get Your S#&% Together: A B2B Guide to Organization”.

4. Ask a Question

Are titles in the form of questions overused? Maybe. But that’s because they work. A question can be a very catchy B2B webinar title. It can pique the interest of your target audience and make them curious about the answer. When using a question in your title, make sure that the question is relevant to your webinar topic and that the answer will provide value to your audience.

Here are some examples of B2B webinar titles that use a question:

  • “Why Are Your Email Campaigns Failing? Learn from our Mistakes.”
  • “What Are the Latest Trends in B2B E-commerce? We’re Sharing our Strategy for 2024”
  • “What Are the Top Mistakes B2B Sales Reps Make? We’ve Run the Numbers – and It Just Might Surprise You.”

Now that you have a great title, you have to attract the right audience, so be sure to use email marketing to send out B2B webinar invites.

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