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Great content flows from a clear content strategy. With a smart B2B content marketing strategy in place, it is possible to make less content work harder, increase customer engagement and achieve overall business objectives: whether this is sales enablement, brand awareness, lead generation or something else.

At Isoline, our content strategy process consists of five key steps:

  1. Defining your target audiences
  2. Setting your content goals
  3. Establishing your message(s)
  4. Defining key campaigns and content pieces
  5. Creating metrics and KPIs

We work collaboratively with you to cover each of these steps, developing a robust content strategy that can form the foundation of all your marketing activities, helping you achieve your goals.

Our B2B Content Marketing Strategy team then works with you to develop a content plan that is fully integrated with your marketing and sales calendar, including trade shows and product launches.

And that’s it! We engage with you and your content owners proactively, gathering the information we need to create impactful and effective content in alignment with your calendar. Keeping audiences engaged and achieving your content goals.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is! Get in touch and let’s talk about your goals.


Over the years, we’ve developed structured B2B content marketing plans for technology, telecoms and engineering companies throughout the world, and we know that every company is unique. We conduct extensive research into your company, your products/services and your audiences, immersing ourselves in your solutions. We challenge your assumptions, debate and iterate until we craft the content marketing strategy and plan that’s most effective at supporting your marketing and sales strategies.

Our Content marketing strategy service includes:

  • Research into your solution and products
  • Engagement with research firms to understand your audiences, if needed
  • Messaging and positioning to ensure alignment with the brand
  • Editorial and content calendar creation and mapping – this ensures that content flow is smooth and as effortless as possible
  • Development of content to populate the calendar – we don’t wait for the client to call! We create content proactively to meet the calendar requirements, coordinating with in-house content owners and experts to showcase the company’s viewpoint.
  • Optimal use of existing content – we reuse content effectively across multiple formats and mediums to get the most out of it.
  • Distributing content – through online, marketing, social and media channels. We can do this on your behalf, or work with your own distribution teams.

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Case Studies

Tata docomo company logo

Engaging with audiences through compelling content

Challenge: Tata Docomo Business Services needed to keep customers interested in its solutions, but the technical nature of the services was a barrier

Strategy: A comprehensive content marketing campaign selling not services but business benefits and positioning the company as a collaborative partner

Result: Impactful and systematic content marketing campaign successful at driving customer interest

office block

Elevating conversation from product to solution

Challenge: BICS – one of the world’s most successful wholesale operators, needed to attract new non-traditional customers

Strategy: We decided to reposition from a product to a solution sell, simplifying the story to speak to broader, non-techy audiences

Result: More nuanced content and sales enablement collaterals from positioning to infographics that help sales team reach different customer segments around the world

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