5 lessons Taylor Swift lyrics can teach us about B2B marketing

Taylor Swift

In the constantly changing world of marketing and advertising, there are few artists who have excelled at promoting themselves as masterfully as Taylor Swift. In addition to her exceptional musical talent, Swift has repeatedly demonstrated she is a marketing genius, employing creative methods to engage with her fans and maintain a strong foothold in the industry.

Just this week, Taylor Swift won her fourth album of the year at the Grammys, her concert film ‘The Eras Tour’ became the highest-grossing concert film ever in 2023, and what happens when you combine the biggest pop star in the world with a two-time Super Bowl champion? Well, it can only be described as a media marketing explosion, with Travis Kelce’s jersey sales soaring by 400% post-Swift.

But arguably her most clever tactic to date? Inviting fans to solve 33 million puzzles online, simply by googling ‘Taylor Swift’. The result? Her search interest tripled in a single hour, she temporarily broke Google, and proved herself to be the queen of creative SEO strategies.

But can Swift’s expertise stretch to B2B marketing? We’ve compiled the top 5 lessons to be learnt from Taylor’s lyrics and tactics in an effort to keep up with the queen of marketing herself.

…Ready for it?

1.  Stay topical

“But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time”

Integrating recent events and trends is one of the most fundamental aspects of content creation. Current trends are already top-of-mind for your audience, so it’s crucial to tap into their popularity and tailor your content to global ongoings.

Not only does relevant content engage people better, but it also adds a layer of credibility to your work. It shows that you’re not just focused on your own products or services but are also attuned to broader industry dynamics and market conditions.

It also boosts that all-important SEO ranking. If you’re one of the first to publish content on a trending topic, you have a better chance of ranking highly in search results for related keywords.

2.  Think outside the box

“We never painted by the numbers”

B2B markets can be highly competitive, with many companies offering similar products or services. So, what makes you different? B2B decision-makers are often inundated with marketing messages and content. To capture their attention and cut through the noise, you need to think creatively and present your content in unexpected ways that pique interest and curiosity.

Don’t push out content you’ve seen 1000 times before, traditional B2B content can be dry and technical, which may deter engagement. Thinking outside the box enables you to create content that is more engaging, interactive, and shareable, leading to increased audience participation and brand advocacy.

Embracing creativity and innovation is a great way to build a brand personality, engaging with less conventional forms of promotional content such as spotlights on employees is a great way for audiences to gauge your brand ethos and culture.


3.  Back your story with statistics

“She needed cold hard proof, so I gave her some”

As mentioned above, staying on top of recent events is key to ensuring brand relevance. And a way to add extra credibility? Stats.

Statistics provide concrete evidence and factual support, adding credibility and authority to your messaging and making it more persuasive and trustworthy to your audience. They can help illustrate the significance of a problem, the benefits of a solution, or the value of your product or service. By quantifying your arguments with statistics, you can make a more compelling case for why your audience should take action.

The content itself also becomes more engaging, with data-driven insights being more attention-grabbing and memorable than generic statements or anecdotes. Stats can be incorporated across almost all content types and can even make up the entire piece with statistical articles.

4.  Adapt your tone

“I wanna transport you to somewhere the culture’s clever”

As content creators you’re expected to tap in and out of various content types for clients. From whitepapers or infographics to emails or LinkedIn posts, the expectations are always different. And that’s without considering different client voices.

Yet consistency in tone across all marketing channels helps reinforce the client’s brand identity and messaging. Knowing your client’s brand identity and voice is key. With specific target audiences and their unique preferences and communication styles. Tailoring your writing to match the client’s tone helps ensure that the content resonates with their audience, increasing its effectiveness and impact.

Perhaps one of the trickier strategies to implement immediately. The skill takes time, constant learning, and the ability to adapt. But once you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

5.  Be consistent

“Crowds would hang on my words and they trusted me”

Whilst all the above strategies are strong in their own right, they all require one thing, consistency.

Consistency in content tone, type, and timing helps to establish and reinforce your brand identity. It ensures that your messaging reflects the personality, values, and characteristics of your brand, making it more recognizable and memorable to your audience.

When your messaging remains consistent across different channels and touchpoints, it becomes easier for your audience to connect with and engage with your content. You become a trusted, reliable source of information and promote loyalty within your audience.

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If there’s one thing we can learn from Taylor Swift’s lyrics it’s that confidence, creativity, and consistency is key.

Taylor Swift’s success in marketing stems from her ability to deeply connect with her audience, tell compelling stories, and constantly adapt and reinvent herself. Her authentic, personalised approach, and strategic decision-making has cemented her position as the queen of marketing.

And as content marketers, we can all learn a lot from her tactics.

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