What Kris Jenner’s marketing moves can teach us about B2B SEO


You likely know Kris Jenner for her part in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’, and for the numerous hilarious memes that circulate the internet. But she’s also renowned for being the driving force behind her family’s success.


Jenner’s carefully calculated and executed PR and marketing moves have kept the Kardashians at the height of pop culture for over a decade. Making Forbes 50 over 50 list, and hosting her own Masterclass on personal branding, Kris Jenner’s marketing and PR abilities aren’t anything to be sniffed at. Her children dominate pop culture, and each has their own successful business ventures, of which Kris famously takes 10%.

So what has she got to do with B2B SEO?

Whilst I doubt Kris herself is up to date on the latest SEO guidance, her ability to maintain relevance whilst building her family’s multiple businesses is something we can take inspiration from. After all, SEO is all about relevance. If you want tips on how to climb Google rankings and stay there, look no further than the woman who has turned her family into one of the biggest names in the world, with no sign of this changing anytime soon.

Let’s take a look at some of Kris Jenner’s best marketing moves, and the lessons they can teach us about B2B SEO.

Know your audience

A key element on the Kardashian’s success is knowing who they are selling to. The reason they have launched many successful business ventures is because they have a clear picture of who their fan base is.

Khloe Kardashian spent a long time being body shamed in the earlier years of the Kardashian fame, often dubbed the ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’ sister by the media. From this, she built support from women who saw themselves in her, and she responded by creating a size-inclusive denim wear clothing brand ‘Good American’, and creating the tv show ‘Revenge Body’, where she helps people not only improve their fitness but also deal with personal battles that tie into their body image.


This is crucial element of SEO. When optimising content, you don’t want to try and speak to the algorithm, you want to speak to people. To do this, you need to know who you are trying to speak to and capitalise on that. By looking at the various demographics of your current and prospective customers, you can tailor your content and SEO keywords to really hit on what is relevant to your target audience. Otherwise, you can end up drawing in the wrong people who won’t convert.   

Capitalize on hot topics

One thing about the Kardashians, they don’t miss out on trends. In fact, they’re often at the centre of them.

When 18-year-old Kylie Jenner’s lips went viral after she was presumed to have gotten lip injections, rather than shy away from the scrutiny, Kris worked with her daughter to create one of the family’s most lucrative business ventures. Together, they created Kylie Cosmetics, and launched lip kits, which sold out immediately upon launch.

There are multiple facets to the SEO game. It’s important to build up your own personal brand and identity, but there can also be great rewards to hitting on trends that are popping off. No one masters this better than the Kardashians.

Consider relevant trending topics or content types, and how you can incorporate these into your SEO strategy. Don’t lose sight of your brand identity, but spread your wings a little bit to tailor your SEO to hot topics that can drive traffic and engagement.

Expand your reach

The Kardashians are masters of almost all platforms. They didn’t just stick to TV fame, they’ve become some of the biggest names across various social media platforms, and even made forays into other platforms too, such as Kim’s mobile app game, which generated $150 million.  


Often, when we talk about SEO, we think solely of webpages and Google rankings. However, SEO extends beyond this, and can benefit you across different platforms. It’s important to infuse SEO practices across all your efforts, understanding how it could best benefit you on LinkedIn, TikTok, or Instagram. And don’t be afraid to try your hand at new platforms. Explore their capabilities, and see how you could use SEO to get some more eyes on your content.

Find your niche

From tequila, to socks, to supplements, the Kardashians have a wide foray of brands and businesses to their names. And the reason they work is because they are specific to the person behind them.

Kim Kardashian launched her shapewear brand Skims due to her own struggles with finding shapewear that worked for her. Kourtney, who is a big purveyor of wellness and natural living, created her vitamins brand Lemme. Even Kris herself launched a cleaning product line from her own desire for eco-friendly cleaning products. They each find their own space in the market, and typically dominate it.

When it comes to SEO, you need to know who you are, and what niches you could operate in. Locate the variety of keywords you can target, and don’t go for the most obvious and popular ones. For example, trying to rank for the keyword ‘SEO’ might be quite difficult, as the term is extremely saturated. Instead, finding a more specific term, such as ‘SEO strategy for cybersecurity businesses’, will likely give you some more luck.

Put in the work

It should be clear now that the Kardashians’ fame isn’t something they stumbled upon. It’s the sum of years of grinding and work to climb the ladder and make the right business choices. And the work never ends. With new drama and scandals always on the horizon, Kris Jenner’s work is never quite done when it comes to her clan. At 67 years old, she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down just yet.

And we should look at SEO in the same way. The Kardashians weren’t built in a day, and neither should your SEO strategy. You don’t simply complete one SEO audit and then it’s done. It should be a constant and consistent effort. Infuse your SEO strategy throughout your content creation, set goals, regularly review your progress, and keep up to date with changes.

Join the Kris Jenner school of B2B SEO

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that all our lives would be better if Kris Jenner managed them.


But seriously, there’s something key we can take from her consistency, drive, and success in keeping her family relevant. You need to get real about your SEO strategy, and these tips are key to unlocking the business benefits that SEO can bring. From identifying your target audience to expanding your reach, it’s important to think carefully about your SEO strategy, and tailor it to who you are, who you’re trying to reach, and the message you want to send.

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