7 brilliant B2B webinar invites to attract the right audience

B2B webinar

Webinars are a popular and useful way to share your expertise, boost brand recognition, and encourage potential customers through the sales funnel. But there is no point investing time and resources in running a training webinar if no-one turns up.

Email marketing plays a big part in getting those crucial sign-ups, making your webinar seem unmissable. From knowing your audience to writing catchy subject lines, the usual rules of email marketing apply. Read on for some examples of the best email invites for B2B webinars, with a break-down of why they’re effective.

1. Use questions for effective marketing

B2B webinar

Turtl’s use of a (rhetorical) question here really draws the reader in – who wouldn’t want to be a thought leader? In the cut-throat world of B2B, an invite that promises to help you become a thought leader is tempting. It also immediately answers the essential question “what’s in it for me?”

The language is clever, too, referencing the ease and comfort of being able to attend the webinar from home, introducing the expert panel, and explaining what you will get out of the webinar.

It’s also personalised, addressing the recipient by name, which another big tick.

Did you know? Asking a question in your subject line can increase your open rate by 10%?

2. Try strong, provocative language

B2B webinar

“Fighting fire with fire” is a provocative phrase, and one that implies active and aggressive tactics. While this might not appeal to everyone (and, indeed, the literal-minded will recognise that fighting fire with fire is an extremely bad idea!), it is attention-grabbing and makes the webinar sound unmissable.

If you know your audience and think this approach could work for you, it’s worth experimenting with bold language. It also highlights the exclusive nature of the webinar, which suggests that those who attend will be getting a jump on their competitors.

3. Don’t over-complicate

B2B webinar

This invite from Zoom is a great example of effective simplicity. The imagery, branding, and copy are all clear and attractive, and the reader is left in no doubt as to the content of the webinar, even on a quick skim. The CTA “get on the guest list” has an air of exclusivity and being “in the know”, too.

4. Make sign-up easy

B2B webinar

If your webinar isn’t time-sensitive and you have the staffing to offer multiple options, then giving people a choice of when to attend could be a good idea. This email, with six different times/ways to access the webinar content, makes attending seem very manageable and easy. The exclamation-mark-heavy copy and use of emojis also suggests a brand that is approachable, informal, and friendly.

5. Send a friendly reminder

B2B webinar

This email from Calendly is an example of a good follow-up email – the “don’t forget!” line encourages readers to register, and the “reserve your spot now” CTA suggests scarcity, further encouraging sign-up. Sending something along these lines to your mailing list, especially if you can segment by those who have registered interest but not yet signed up fully, is a great way to boost attendance. This email also uses keywords well and uses succinct, to-the-point copy.

6. Go big!

The email below goes hard – “the most esteemed”… “lineup is priceless”…”share their deepest secrets”. The hyperbole may not suit everyone, but this kind of copy is compelling in the right hands, and smacks of confidence. The “save your seat” CTA is a nice twist, and the whole email has a sense of exclusivity. It also introduces the panel prominently, showing off the expertise that webinar attendees can benefit from.

B2B webinar

7. Graphics and design make a big difference

B2B webinar
B2B webinar

This SalesLabX email is a great example of design helping to sell the content. The icons are clear and attractive, and help to guide the reader through what the webinar will cover. It promises to share practical tips that attendees can action and overall demonstrates how to pack a lot of information into minimal space.

8. Encourage shares and get people talking

B2B webinar

Finally, once you’ve hooked your reader, encourage them to share your webinar with their colleagues and peers. By adding a CTA like this one you can make it easy for them to forward the email, boosting your reach.

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