3 ways tech B2B executives can add personality to their LinkedIn profiles

July 26, 2019

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With the increase in social selling, tech B2B marketers must ensure their LinkedIn profiles are compelling and professional enough to help in sales situations. It is a common misconception that tech B2B is a rational, area of marketing, but it’s important to stay interesting and full of personality. Coming across as bland, unrelatable or impersonal can actually be harmful to your content marketing strategy and success of your business.

Conveying professionalism and expertise doesn’t mean a profile cannot exude personality at the same time. We all know of our own tech B2B businesses that they are anything but boring. They are relationship-driven, focused on maintaining communication and long-lasting connections. And they are people-focused, made up of individuals who are intelligent, creative and experienced, with incredibly interesting stories to tell. This is what your business LinkedIn page – and personal LinkedIn profile – must convey.

So, how can tech B2B executives and businesses best convey the unique personalities and expertise that make their team stand out from the crowd in a changing landscape, while still retaining their professionalism? Here are some ideas.

Behind the scenes glimpses

To add personality to your tech B2B business, you need to shine a spotlight on the individuals they are made up of and allow them the freedom to let their characters shine through. This can be achieved through personally written LinkedIn articles, giving insight into a ‘day in the life’ of that individual. People connect with people, so the chances to engage are better when there’s a relatable face in front of them.

Take the risk and allow yourself and your team the opportunity to express themselves. Assist with guidelines and how-tos, but avoid hard limits on things like social media engagements, if you are present the team as more approachable. Find the messages you want to share, but allow your team to shape them to their own style.

Power up your presence

There are only 120 characters on a LinkedIn headline so every word carries great importance. Whether focused on personality traits and key skills, disclosing a work history or simply describing what can be offered to potential connections, conciseness is key. The same goes for business pages, get to the point and tell the reader exactly what your business does and the key benefit.

A great way for B2B executives to successfully build out a public persona on LinkedIn is by networking and sharing interesting content, whether industry news or from peers. By liking posts and sharing engaging content, this communicates to your audience what your personal preferences are. Thus, giving them a chance to identify any shared interests and start a conversation. There are many groups on LinkedIn that are B2B themed, meaning you can participate in group discussions, find relevant information and identify suitable peers to connect with.

The key to success is having a deep understanding of your audience and network, knowing what content they want to see and will offer value. By consistently publishing relevant and compelling content, your audience will find you more relatable and ultimately will be more interested in what you have to say in the future.

Dare to be different with your headshot and imagery

Aren’t we bored of the same white background, fake smile, profile picture? If you are looking to add personality to your profile and make B2B sound exciting, imitating the same expression and structure that everyone else is doing certainly won’t help you stand out.

Try to be natural when posing for headshots, if it feels forced, it will show on the camera. Individual photos can be taken either in your working environment to show your surroundings or can focus on elements that help to describe your job role or character instead. In order to build any meaningful connections, it is important to add a human face to the role of ‘B2B marketer’.

When it comes to team imagery for business pages, show that B2B professionals have fun too, but keep it work-related. Examples can range from office photos, a picture with your team planning your next move, or completing a big sale. It is also great to share images that highlight team attendance to industry-specific events or awards that demonstrate your team and business are part of the wider community.

For example, our team was invited to the Prolific London Awards event last week where we were nominated for the ‘best content team’ award. The event was a great team activity and we were able to share evidence of the excellent work we have done to date and our ongoing involvement in the B2B tech marketing space.

So, there you have it, B2B marketing is definitely about creating valuable and long-lasting relationships with a very specific target audience, but we can have fun too! With the human touch and a dash of personality on key channels such as LinkedIn, the right balance can be struck between professional and enjoyable, attracting new customers and employees alike.

If you have found this blog post helpful or would like to discuss how Isoline Communications can help strengthen your content marketing strategy, email us at [email protected].

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