You’re My Type: What decision-makers look for in their content  

A case study in trust

Case studies and blogs rank as the most useful – and trusted – during the decision-making process…

Some trends just keep coming back into fashion. Three years ago, case studies were the favoured type of content for B2B tech buyers – helping, as Hubspot says, “establish proof that what you’re offering is valuable and good quality”.

They went through a dip, however, with videos and webinars reigning supreme in the intervening years. If this year has shown us anything, it’s that you can’t keep a good case study or blog down: 42% find them most useful, and nearly as many (40%) say they are also the type of content they trust most.

This also marks a shift in the trustworthiness stakes from last year, when 66% of respondents ranked expert reports and independent third-party reviews provided by analysts as the most trustworthy source of content. This year, overall a quarter (26%) say third-party reports are least useful in accelerating their decision-making capabilities.

What tech buyers (don’t) want

Content that is too promotional is the most off-putting for B2B tech buyers.

Inaccuracies are also a major no-no.

Companies need to be intentional about the content they create, without making a hard sell. The focus should be accurate and educational content.

Personally speaking…

Content personalised to the customer – including pain points – is the best way to make content marketing more effective.

This was one of the top priorities for decision-makers last year too, when 52% said they would like to see more content organised by specific pain points and topics. A recent roundtable of marketers at tech companies found that “focusing on how their company solves customer problems and clearly articulating those stories” is essential going forward. 

B2B decision-makers also prioritise authoritative thought leadership content to establish a brand, with 23% ranking it the best way to improve the effectiveness of content marketing.

The B2B content space is a tight race, with everyone fighting their way to the front – so companies need to ensure they stand out. By taking an account-based marketing approach, they can deliver value through personalized content that builds relationships.