Examples of the best B2B lead magnets

We all know that a healthy pipeline of leads is essential for growth, and consequently one of the most common objectives for a B2B marketer is to generate leads. However, 61% of marketers say that generating traffic and leads is their biggest challenge: and in a tech B2B scenario, where the sales funnel is fairly […]

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2019 in review

As we come to the end of another eventful year at Isoline, we thought we’d hear from the team on their aspirations and goals for the year ahead. Anu What was your most memorable Isoline moment of 2019? Mine has to be watching Heather attempt to throw tennis balls at a target while slipping and […]

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Marketing personas: an invaluable tool, or a cosmetic exercise?

Tech B2B marketers are often working with a complex purchase cycle, involving numerous stakeholder groups and influencers. For content marketers, deciding on the right campaign targets and speaking their language therefore becomes a tricky exercise, which is why marketing or buyer personas are so commonly used. They are a sort of shorthand: a fictional, generalised […]

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Measuring content effectiveness – a pragmatic approach

Today’s blog is about a topic really close to my heart – content performance measurement. Marketing is entering an era of unprecedented accountability and content marketing is no exception. Tech B2B companies, whose sales often come with higher ticket values and longer purchase cycles, are under particular pressure to demonstrate that every minute of time […]

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