Buying vs. Building an audience: What’s the right approach?

What’s the difference between inbound and outbound marketing? Or to look at it another way, is it better to build or buy an audience? Paying to get in front of prospects has an advantage. Media sponsorships. Advertising. Buying an email list. It’s direct and immediate. But it comes at a cost – both literally and […]

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Content marketing in 2021: Build a pyramid, or think like a journalist?

Pivot. For the marketing teams of most B2B companies, this will have been the word of the year. Priorities shifted. Budgets changed. Businesses adjusted the way they buy and sell. Over the last nine months though, the one constant has been the importance of content marketing for navigating this new normal. That investment isn’t going […]

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How to get more eyeballs on your B2B content

James Caan taught me how to do content marketing. Not in a literal sense, of course. But I learnt a valuable lesson about slinging words from his book, ‘The Real Deal: from Brick Lane to Dragons’ Den’. There’s a section in it where James talks about his first rented ‘office’. It was a former broom […]

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