April 26, 2019

Company Updates

We’ve had a great three years of growth here at Isoline Communications so far and are thrilled to be expanding the team with like-minded and talented content marketers. We’re delighted to welcome our new Senior Account Manager, Sally!

So, Sally, how did you end up with us here at Isoline?

In my previous roles I worked with a number of technology brands such as Cisco, EQUIIS and Polycom, which always really interested me as there is constant innovation in the market and new things are exciting! Coming from a PR background, I love writing and conveying key messages to an audience, and with tech in particular I love the challenge of explaining topics that can seem really complicated into simpler terms that are easier to understand.

I came to Isoline to really build on my tech knowledge and become a true expert, writing about topics that interest me on a personal and professional level. I was impressed by the great portfolio of clients that Isoline has and can’t wait to help grow the agency even further.

What have you enjoyed about the job so far?

I am over the moon with the clients I have been assigned, we work with truly nice and forward thinking people who we can produce really great results for. I like that every day is different, we offer a wide range of services so one day I might be writing an IoT whitepaper and the next writing a script for a video interview on a completely different topic. I definitely feel like I am constantly learning new things and pushing myself, I am lucky to be in an environment where asking questions is encouraged and we work together really well as a team.

What are you most looking forward to in the job moving forward?

I am particularly excited to be working on a number of new business pitches we have coming up and being part of the growth strategy for the agency. I’m also going to a huge industry event this week and can’t wait to do a bit of networking and chat to likeminded people. 

If you had to describe yourself using three words, what would those words be?

Optimistic, enthusiastic and consistent

What do you get up to outside the office?

I really love history and pretty much every weekend I can be found at some form of museum or conference learning about something new, the other week the topic was Roman gods and deities. I’m particularly interested in the history of human evolution, Sapiens got me hooked after the first few pages, and I really like Roman, Egyptian and Iron Age time periods.

Nature is also a really big passion, I spend a lot of time out for walks in Greenwich Park near where I live and have a collection of plants that has taken over the flat. This year my goal is to sustainably start growing my own vegetables and have spent the past few weeks watching Youtube videos of Yorkshire men showing off their ‘potato harvest hauls’.

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