5 year anniversary of Isoline Communications

July 31, 2020

Company Updates

By Anu Ramani

Anu Ramani is a specialist in international B2B communications.

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Today marks the five year anniversary of Isoline Communications, a milestone for our company and for me personally.

I’ve discovered more about my abilities in the past five years than I have in my entire career: admin (terrible), time management (good), resilience (good), perseverance (pretty good), and the list goes on. I have learnt to face my weaknesses, like fear of rejection, facing disappointment with my head held high, or assuming any sort of authority whatsoever.

I could list a thousand lessons learned, mistakes made, and triumphs achieved: this blog I wrote for the Content Collective lists five.

But the top lesson I have learned, the top takeaway, is that it’s critical to sincerely, deeply care about the people that I work with.

That’s you.

Thank you, Isoline, for helping me create enduring relationships that I treasure and I hope will last a lifetime.

So while I didn’t anticipate we would be doing this virtually, I would like to raise a glass to the last five years of Isoline Communications, and here’s to the next five. I anticipate many adventures, new ideas, and great achievements along the way.

Thank you for your support, and do have a drink on me.


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