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February 22, 2018

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By Anu Ramani

Anu Ramani is a specialist in international B2B communications.

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GSMA, are you listening?

Starting Monday the Fitbits of more than 108,000 telecoms executives will clock what will probably be their highest daily activity levels for 2018 as people make the rounds of more than 2,300 stands showcasing everything from BSS / OSS systems to drones. But here are four stands that would definitely be popular at the show:

  1. Blister plasters: In a decade of attending I have averaged about five boxes of blister plaster per show – that’s more than a box per day. While I am the first to concede that I’m not the lightest person on my feet, surely I can’t be the only one. Come on GSMA, speak to Compeed. It will be their biggest 5-day sales period in the year, I guarantee it.
  2. Segways: Those huge halls, and racing up and down to make it to that briefing! While possibly good for the waistline, it does mean that almost everyone is late for MWC meetings. A fleet of Segways will make things much more convenient? And maybe an app so you can order one when you’re in Hall 5 and need to be in Hall 1 in the next two minutes.
  3. Quick business card reprint: We’ve all been there: scratched out a colleague’s name from their business card, and written our names on, and handed it to a prospective client, while dying a little inside and making remarks like ‘I’ve run out!’. This stand will make that quandary a thing of the past.
  4. Headshots: For an updated LinkedIn profile, to accompany a last-minute press release, to hand to a journalist after an interview. You might think this is far fetched… to which I respond, I went to a tradeshow a couple of years ago and there was this photography company doing headshots and the queue stretched right around the room.
  5. Trolleys: To cart around the 20-odd kilos of brochures and corporate information you’ve collected in your tour of the stands.


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