Not invented here applies to PR too

In B2B tech, doing business today means crossing borders. The company that is lucky enough to find all its buyers in one market is rare. And PR has to follow suit. Over the years I’ve seen PR campaigns snake out of familiar territory into new markets, and campaigns small and large today involve reaching out to media, analysts and buyer audiences across national, continental and language borders.

The way these audiences consume information is very different – and it’s not just about the language. Appetite for technical content, for instance, is completely different in – say China, compared to Singapore. Opinion leaders and influential forums vary both by region and sector. The only common thread is really the NIH (not-invented-here) syndrome – basically, an aversion to content that is clearly meant for say corporate headquarters and fired out without any idea of the ground realities.

Sales teams are highly sensitive to ground realities and know firsthand the benefit of tailoring the product and message. Why can’t PR follow suit? Time and again we see content developed for a market such as the UK or the USA being distributed in markets in LatAm or Africa, with no regard for its relevance or suitability. This needs to change, or the PR function will lose credibility.

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About the Author : Anu Ramani

Anu Ramani is a specialist in international B2B communications.

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