The four key traits of a senior communicator

More than half of UK workers plan to make changes to their careers in the next 12 months as a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Employees have realised the benefits of a more flexible work environment brought on by working from home initiatives, and the communications sector (especially marketing, content marketing, and PR) has […]

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Punctuation rules for global communications

Trust your feelings. Use the punctuation, young Skywalker. We have all evolved our message-vocab with the times. We read and understand the message differently, depending on the medium. A study by Binghampton university says that ending messages with a full stop makes you seem insincere, but using an exclamation point is ok – it makes […]

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‘Not invented here’ applies to content marketing too

In the tech B2B space, doing business today means crossing borders – and that goes for all sectors: sales, operations, and marketing – the company that is lucky enough to find all its buyers in one market is very rare. Take Isoline, for example, every single one of our campaigns covers multiple geographies and regions. Tech […]

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