Asia telecoms growth

In Asia telecoms companies need to invest now to capture growth

This week, despite the Cisco-Ericsson partnership dominating the news my eye has been caught by a number of stories pointing to accelerating Asia telecoms growth.

First, a new report by Rethink Research predicts that the Asia Pacific region will account for over 70% of small cell deployments globally in 2017-2018, thanks to markets such as South Korea, Japan and China, supplemented by widespread deployments in ASEAN and other Greater China markets among others.

Second, the Chinese are taking to online shopping in ever-increasing numbers. The Adobe Digital Index predicts $150 billion in sales from mainland China over the holiday season. In the coming weeks one can expect to see a range of offers and incentives for online shoppers in China from e-tailers inspired by the success of and other successful online stores.

What this means: it’s time for anyone in the mobile and e-commerce ecosystems to start thinking strategically about increasing their profile over the medium to long term in China. In Asia Pacific, it’s sustained and systematic communications that achieves results, backed by relevant and bespoke content that delivers what local audiences want.

But not all growth is good: the adventures of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po can now be viewed in Chinese, a prospect that should leave Chinese parents quaking in their shoes. Even though I concede that telecasting the Teletubbies will increase bandwidth consumption and trigger online sales, can anything that puts parents through such pain be worth it?

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Anu Ramani is a specialist in international B2B communications.

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