Tech B2B Brand Positioning & The Latest Trends

Our first video for IsoLive got off to the perfect start when I got to chat with Monika Gera, CEO of Higher At Work. Watch below as we discuss how Tech B2B brands can position themselves in an ever growing and crowded market.

Our Guests

Monika Gera

CEO & Founder Of Higher At Work

Anu Ramani Headshot

Anu Ramani

Anu Ramani is founder and MD of Isoline Communications

What We Cover

Do customers really know what they want? Do technology leaders not know already how their companies and products are positioned? They obviously create solutions to address unmet needs in the market. So what is the need for a planned positioning exercise for B2B tech companies? In this video below, we touch base with Monika Gera from Higher at Work to understand why a planned positioning is essential for B2B tech companies, and what they can do to develop a unique voice in a crowded market.

About Monika Gera

Monika Gera is CEO of Higher Works. She is an expert in brand positioning experts who helps organisations discover, design and implement solutions. Her team have worked with leading Brands across sectors to research, conceptualise and implement solutions on the ground in both urban and rural settings.

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