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Content marketing is having a day in the sun, with tech B2B brands investing heavily in content to drive sales and preference. And with good reason – building and executing a successful content marketing strategy for tech B2B brands can result in sustained loyalty from customers who feel that you understand their pain points and goals and seek to fulfil their needs. However, content marketing’s very versatility can also be a little daunting: it’s easy to feel confused with the range of approaches available. Which one is right for your brand, sector, market position, and investment?

Well, there’s no standard one-size-fits-all approach, here is some advice on how to avoid some common pitfalls and implement a successful content strategy that delivers the most value for your investment.

Maintain a holistic approach

Whether your goal is building thought leadership and establishing your company as an expert, or driving qualified leads into your pipeline, it’s essential to remember that content marketing does not work alone. It is part of a wider marketing mix, that could include face to face sales, PR, and industry events, to name just a few. Getting your content strategy aligned first and foremost with clarity on how that feeds into your wider marketing mix will lead to process efficiencies and better results.

Have a clear timelined plan with clarified end goals

Decide what you’re trying to achieve in the first instance and in what order. What aims best fit with your strategic priorities and for your brand? Depending on the nature of your business and the length of your sales cycle, you may have very different priorities to that of your industry peers. So don’t assume a ‘one size fits all model’, and don’t be afraid to seek assistance from experts who specialise in helping with this. Planning before setting out your stall, and tailor your content to make it work for each element of your strategic plan and internal product launches/re-branding/industry activity etc. will produce better results.


One chance to make a first impression

We’ve all been there, clicked on a website only to be instantly bombarded with an in-your-face disruptive pop-up asking you to provide your feedback on their website when you’ve not even had the chance to look at it, let alone be in a position to provide valuable feedback. A classic example of how to aggravate your customer before they’ve even begun.

If you can cast your mind back to the pre-pandemic days of venturing frivolously into a store with a view of browsing and doing a little recon research before deciding if you need any further info; the sales people that pounced straight on you asking to help were much less welcome that those politely but gently reminding you that they’re there if you need anything.

Aligning your content marketing strategy with the purchase cycle, and enabling your buyers to progress autonomously through the content discovery journey, will yield far better results than hard-selling your proposition from the word go. With analytics-based insights into what the prospect has clicked on and engaged with, or downloaded or watched, well-positioned tailored content can drive engagement and conversions.

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Timing is key

It’s no good targeting a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) with a brand new security software two weeks after they’ve just signed a deal with your nearest competitor. No matter how good the ROI case study might demonstrate your solutions benefits – if the timing is off, the leads can be lost. Good content marketing needs to have a well thought out execution plan that appropriately acts on consumer insights at the right time.

Customers want to know that you understand them and their needs at that specific point in their decision making process. There is a plethora of analytics tools available in the market that can enable you to intelligently target them with the right content at the right time. This considered approach will turn your content from noise to value: making your target audiences feel understood and secure in the knowledge that you understand their needs.

Ask the experts

And if the above can seem overwhelming or you’re not sure where to start, there’s a lot to be said for reaching out and seeking specialist help. Read more in our marketing trends for 2021 blog here.

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