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May 10, 2019

Content Strategy

You have put the time, energy, and resources into developing your content marketing strategy. Things have been moving along nicely, the team has been posting relevant and valuable content on schedule with the calendar. So, now what? It is important to review your strategy to see if you are making steady progress and meeting your set goals. Here are three of the best questions to ask yourself about your content marketing strategy, to ensure that you are on the right track to build your target audience and attain the best possible results.


  1. What’s working and what’s not?


When developing your content marketing strategy, did you document it? The majority of enterprises neglect this crucial step, and according to CMI, only 39% of companies have one – “A documented content marketing strategy aligns the team around a common mission/goal and makes it easier to determine which types of content to develop”. If you have already done this, great you are ahead of the curve. If you have not, it is never too late! Create a clear and detailed plan which lists tactics, channels, time lines, and how you’re going to measure success, and make sure the whole team is on the same page concerning what you have set up as your success metrics.

With a clear smart content strategy in place, it is possible to make less content work harder, increase customer engagement and achieve overall business objectives: whether this is sales enablement, brand awareness, lead generation or something else.

Now that you have a documented strategy in place and your planned content has started circulating, you can determine what is meeting your success metrics and hitting your business objectives – alongside what’s not. It is now time to analyse the marketing campaigns you have done, by looking to see if your content is performing according to your goals and how your target audience is responding. Based on these findings, you can then make a plan for what you can continue doing and what needs to change moving forward.


  1. Can I add more value to my content offering?


There are so many ways to get your content out there into the world. The basis of many content strategies is consistent blog posting, and this is a great start. But there are numerous other avenues your content marketing can take to expand your presence and reach your audience. We have written an in-depth white paper about the current trends that you can download here, and we will discuss some key ones with you now.

Sharing regularly to your company’s blog page is a good start, but let us take it a few steps further. There are countless ways to repurpose the messages and information in the post you have created. You can slice and dice it into a number of other pieces of content including infographics, social media posts, audio pieces like podcasts, and videos to post on your site or other video hosting sites. In addition to repurposing your content, there are some other creative ways to reach a broader audience, such as working with influencers to spread your message, co-marketing with other companies in your industry and developing case studies about your clients to share with your audience.

You should also consider your buyer’s journey. What content formats do they resonate with and find helpful in aiding their purchasing decisions? According to Adweek, 81% of buyers conduct online research prior to making a purchase. So, you must find the content that make your buyers tick, encouraging them into the purchasing journey for your services.

This may leave you thinking, where will I find the time and resources to pursue all of these avenues? This brings me to the third and final question you may want to ask yourself…


  1. Is it time to outsource to grow my reach?


 As you already know, content marketing is crucial for your business, and it requires a substantial amount of time and effort. From determining your core audience, to concept, implementing and promoting online marketing campaigns, the process is extensive and involves hours and hours of research, planning and manpower. Perhaps it is time to look for a partner to carry out your content marketing vision to maximise your impact in the market.

With all the hype surrounding content marketing, how do you identify the agency that will work with you to meet your needs now and help you grow moving forward?  We have assembled a few tips that can help you separate the hype surrounding a pitch from the value that the right content agency will provide, you can read the whole article here.

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