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December 14, 2017

Content Strategy

By Anu Ramani

Anu Ramani is a specialist in international B2B communications.

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I thought I’d write down a few content marketing resolutions for 2018. I’d rather do that than look back on 2017, or add my voice to the chorus of 2018 predictions,

1.    I will tell clients what they need to know, not just what I think they want to hear. It’s better to have the “tough conversation” upfront and out of the way. Challenging clients on the objectives, target audience, distribution plan or evaluation criteria of a piece of content is not obstructive, it’s necessary.

2.  I will not play safe. Based on my outsider perspective, I will keep presenting fresh thinking and new ideas to clients. If it pushes them out of their comfort zone, I have done my job. If they don’t buy it, I will not drown my sorrow in extra ice cream.

3. I will try to elevate content marketing to the c-suite. The strategies will vary from client to client, but this is important in this era of consultative selling.

4. I will embrace admin and smile through the process. I will set aside specific time slots to do admin, Isoline marketing and sales follow-ups. They are as critical as client servicing and fulfilment to grow my business.

5. I will watch more movies, spend more time on Twitter, go out more often on my bike, and meet lots more people. These activities are not just recreational: they are a crucible for ideas. (Not networking events though – maybe in 2019!)

6. I will remember that everyone I work with is a human being with hopes, fears, aspirations and troubles. Though bots may soon rule the world, I will be kind to the humans of today.

 7. I will drink less coffee.
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