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May 17, 2019

Content Strategy

This week we were excited to be interviewed on The 414 Marketing Show, with Anu sharing her advice on how to tailor B2B content marketing to the buyer journey to improve audience engagement and accelerate sales.

For those that missed the show, we have inserted a clip of the recording here for your viewing pleasure and can also be downloaded as a podcast:

The discussion covered a range of topics and the latest content marketing trends for tech B2B businesses.

Buyers are engaging differently during the buyer journey

Buyers are now spending up to two thirds of the buyer journey conducting their own research online, before they will pick up the phone to a sales person. Amongst a wealth of competition for your content to be seen, the opportunity is to differentiate your business by making content relevant and engaging to build a relationship with the reader.

Reshaping content marketing through personalisation

Personalisation is the number one trend in content marketing, with tech companies such as Netflix and Spotify resulting in consumers addicted to extremely personalised and relevant content. When this type of content is not available, buyers disengage in the buying process. 8 in 10 tech B2B buyers stated that they want to look for personalised and engaging content before talking to a sales person, meaning that this content could be critical to converting sales leads into opportunities. Tools such as personalisation and marketing automation software work together to serve relevant content and guide buyers through the buyer journey for the best experience.

Collaboration, it worked for the Beatles

In a time of stretched resources and budgets, collaborating with other businesses can bring a host of benefits such as extended reach, unique perspectives and achieving a halo effect. There can be obstacles to overcome such as duplicate sets of approval processes to contend with, but the positive impact to both businesses and the end consumers makes collaboration a valuable strategy. We recently wrote a post on five reasons why B2B companies should embrace collaborative content which covers the topic in more depth.

B2B influencer marketing

The key to working with influencers in B2B marketing is not to use them for sales enablement, instead focusing on their fields of expertise and their audience to achieve objectives such as access to leadership or engagement. Companies such as SAP and Dell have been successful in incorporating influencers into podcasts and roundtable events to capitalise on the value they can offer to businesses.

Exciting areas for growth in B2B marketing

Voice search is taking off in a big way and will change the way that companies approach search optimised content. Working with in-house or external SEO teams to engage and own key phrases and keywords will help brands to make an impact and stay ahead of the curve.

Ominchannel engagement will also be a key development as consumers continue to expect consistent experiences whether it is via email, websites or social media. Tactics such as repurposing content to be suitable for different channels will pay dividends for customer retention and overall engagement with content.

Want to discuss further how you can tailor B2B content to the buyer journey and accelerate sales? Get in touch with us on [email protected] and we would love to chat!

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