9 basic tips to maximise your presence at MWC

January 28, 2019

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Over 2,300 exhibitors will descend on Barcelona for Mobile World Congress (MWC) on February 25th 2019, to showcase the latest technologies and most innovative products on the market.

We’re a month out and while you’ve done the bulk of your large-scale preparations for MWC, there are a number of smaller activities you can engage in to ensure that you maximise your presence at the show, with minimal budget and effort. Whether this is your first time attending or you’ve been a dozen times before, no matter the size of your presence at the conference, marketing in advance is the right move.

Many initiatives don’t need a lot of investment: a little planning and time are all it takes.

Here are a few simple ideas to help you get noticed by the influencers and customers who matter most to you. 

  1. Send a value-add email to your database

Get the word out about your stand before show goers get to Barcelona, by emailing your database with some helpful tips and tricks about the event. While you certainly need to email in order to communicate with your audiences about the technologies you’re showcasing, it’s a great idea to incorporate some human elements as well to add a more personal touch. Perhaps create a helpful packing list including comfortable shoes and a water bottle. Or a list of the best restaurants in Barcelona for 2019. Or share the Experiences link from the MWC e-brochure in case it got missed. Get your company’s name in your prospects inbox to remind them that they should stop by your stand – don’t forget to include your stand number!

  1. Build hype on social media

Launch your MWC presence before the show. Get the word out about the solutions or services you will be showcasing.

LinkedIn sponsored content – LinkedIn is one of the most popular channels to promote your brand’s MWC message. Its sponsored functionalities allow you to collect registrations, promote your posts and utilise InMail, all to a very targeted audience pool.

Sharable content – Platform-appropriate, social media messages for your sales and marketing teams to share online. Make it as easy as possible so they can grab and post on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Hashtag – Make sure everyone uses the official hashtag #MWC19 when sending out your company’s message on social media. While you’re at it, add in all of the trending hashtags surrounding the event that you can find, to reach a wider audience.

Conduct a Twitter poll – This doesn’t need to be heavy-handed, creating something light and fun is a great way to grab attention. It can be as simple as “What giveaway should we choose? A pen or a box of blister plasters (this has always been one of our favourites)”?

  1. Create a short video

 AV content creates a point of interest that will catch the eyes of those passing by your stand. Draw them in with a short, branded video. It doesn’t have to be a complicated project, just something interesting and easy to digest. A ‘talking head’ video or product demonstration can serve the purpose. This gives you a new asset to share with your email database and social media channels as well. And while you’re at it, why not organise a professional videographer of film it yourself (mobile phones have great cameras nowadays) to film a short video of your executives talking to the camera at the stand that you can share straightaway?

  1. Identify your news angles and engage with influencers

Draft a press release detailing what you’ll be sharing at the trade show or any exciting new launches or results you have to share such as a new offering or campaign. Distribute it to media outlets that you know are covering or have covered the event in the past. Offer pre-event interviews or ‘sneak peeks’.

  1. Have information available for those who visit your stand

As you likely already know the conference gets very busy, there’s a vast array to see and do. So, make sure you have something that your team can hand to those interested but short on time. Something compact, graphical and easy to fit in those tote bags. You can even use the piece in advance on your website or as part of the press release.

  1. Train the team who will man the stand

The people who greet your visitors are the key to engagement. Having knowledgeable people excited to share your message makes a huge impact on interaction. If you’re recruiting local talent to man the reception area, ensure you spend some time briefing them on what to say and who to point visitors to. With the high number of attendees passing through the halls on the way from one talk to the next, you’ll need someone to spark conversation with them and attract them to your stand.

  1. Make your stand STAND out

By this point, you have all of your ducks in a row as far as your design and signage go, but let us consider some last-minute thoughts. Once you are set up, take a step back and look at the whole picture from the point of view of the passer by. Is the stand visually alluring but not too complicated? If it is, don’t be afraid to simplify.

  1. Create a memorable branded giveaway

Giveaways are common at every trade show, to attract and encourage attendees to interact with companies. The right trade show giveaway can help generate leads and hopefully prompt attendees to remember your company long after the show has ended. You don’t have to break the bank to be memorable either, brainstorm ideas that are creative and provide utility or whimsy. I still treasure a wind-up car that deftly zips through a track to represent a network pathway, that I received at MWC almost a decade ago!

  1. Set up appointments

Going into the show with a handful of meetings confirmed is very useful: you are unlikely to find as good an opportunity to showcase your key products and solutions at any other time in the year. Run a systematic pre-event campaign to set up a calendar of meetings at the show, and encourage your team to do the same. Do this well in advance: as we all know things get hectic the closer we get to the event.

Roughly 70% of show attendees plan a list of brands/stands to visit before even setting foot on the trade show floor. Use these simple strategies to make sure you are on those lists for MWC 2019.

If you want some more ideas or just want a chat, get in touch!

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