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Why good design is a game changer for your B2B content marketing strategy | Isoline Communications

Capturing your audience’s attention is the goal of every tech B2B content marketer. But it’s easier said than done.  Good design can be a game changer in this respect. Here are some simple ways that tech B2B brans can add visual interest to their content marketing strategies.

In one of the biggest studies of content marketing effectiveness, data and analytics firm Beckon found that just 5 per cent of all branded content accounts for 90 per cent of all branded content engagement.

It’s challenging to create standout content – especially for tech B2B content marketing. Visual design can help. Visually attractive content not only attracts the reader; multiple studies show it also helps them to absorb and remember your message. And it can say a lot about the kind of company you are.

Here are three type of visual content that can be very effective for tech brands for sales enablement, thought leadership, awareness and more.



Whether you are presenting research findings or explaining how your product meets a market need, infographics can help you present data in a visually-compelling format that encourages reader engagement. Do you find yourself reaching for a pen to explain that proposition? If so it’s ideal for an infographic. Infographics are also shared on social media much more than other types of content.











The video format is gaining in popularity. And videos don’t have to involve huge filming budgets. Animated story-telling is a great way to bring a tech product to life. The three-minute format means prospects can get a taste of your product or service without any need to download weighty white papers.


Printed collateral is enjoying a revival at the moment. PDFs have their place, but there’s nothing quite like a high quality, visually attractive brochure to bring your brand to life in a very tangible way. Particularly for tech start-ups, high-quality printed collateral can reinforce credibility and build confidence.

And finally …

A final word of advice? Allow room in your content marketing budget for good design. Even if that means creating less overall, but investing in a few pieces of high quality material. When it comes to effective content marketing, visually-compelling content can often mean more value for your target audiences and ROI for your brand.

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