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Is your social media strategy stressing your audience? | Isoline Communications

The cute new recruit. You mailed him. Then texted. A few voice calls later you’re Snapchatting happily ever after!

Welcome to the new social landscape. The ‘intimacy’ economy, where the medium you use could signal a ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘hm … I need to think on this one.’

A recent study in Australia found consumers experience stress while choosing the right way to communicate, with 75% of respondents, and especially millennials (no surprises there) operated some type of ‘social media heirarchy’, assigning different channels to indicate different degrees of intimacy. Email, ubiquitous and impersonal, is for all things business and mundane. Facebook Messenger is for friends. Snapchat seems to be the equivalent of 3 dinner dates.

The smart service providers are busy revamping data plans to facilitate this form of social interaction, with generous data allowances and – you guessed it – social media PR and advertising campaigns.

This study and the insights behind it are important for marketers running any social media campaigns – and not just in Australia.

Social media channels are deeply personal and users care about their interactions on them. They are not a convenient dumping ground for marketing message diarrhoea. So take an honest look at your brand personality before you blithely rush in and establish an Instagram account for your brand as part of your 2016 summer social media strategy. Should you be confining your messages to a well-thought out blog or LinkedIn account? Will YouTube make your message easier for users to understand with humour and animation, maybe?

Breaking it down by audience group is sometimes very helpful. LinkedIn is definitely the way to go if you’re promoting your stand at CommunicAsia 2016 and looking to set up meetings with other show attendees. On the other hand, that FB page with 2 followers, both from your marketing team, is probably more suitable for your graduate recruitment programme than your reseller campaign. If your message is quite technical and you’re looking to bring it to life use YouTube by all means, but keep it jargon-free and informative and if possible inject a good dose of humour, then you’ll find your subscription levels increasing steadily. Or else … stress!

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Anu Ramani is a specialist in international B2B communications.

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