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Five things tech PR folks should do this December | Isoline Communications

Come December and campaign work thankfully slows down. Here’s a modified advent calendar for tech PRs to make those days count.

Warm up to MWC 2017

Gift yourself a great start to 2017, without any heavy lifting or dieting. Here’s a quick tech PR advent calendar that gets your back end into shape, to hit the ground running as soon as the holiday cheer winds down.

 Attack the spare hours – Most PR campaigns slow down in the last weeks of the year. Use this time to plan, itemise and organise. Do those long-overdue admin tasks that you’ve been putting off since August. Plan your content marketing editorial calendar for Q1. Read the news.

Clean up your contacts lists – Mobile World Congress 2017 opens on the 27th of Feb. MWC will feature 2200 exhibitors, 95000 plus visitors, countless analysts and journos. Line up your target lists. Fine tune and hone your messaging till it sings. Come January and campaign implementation will need to move at speed, with analyst outreach kicking off straightaway. You should be geared to hit ‘send’ when you stagger in after that Christmas break.

Rationalise your in-tray – Come 2017 and a new work cycle will begin with new products, customers or innovations. Work smart. Find draft 5 of that white paper you published in September. Recycle as much as possible. Make more time to set up meetings, networking and reaching out, rather than sweating up content.

Pare down that inbox – Simple, sweet and doesn’t interfere with your online shopping. Think Marie Kondo and the Japanese Art of decluttering. That which cannot be filed, must be deleted. Be ruthless and your inbox will be lean and mean and ready for the new PR season.

Meet people – Connect with clients, journalists and analysts over lunch, dinner or drinks. Everyone’s more relaxed and in the festive mood. Network now rather than later, when a hundred people are clamouring for their attention.

And most importantly, wind down and take some time off. ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all.

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