Anu Ramani, Managing Director

Anu Ramani, Managing Director, Isoline










Anu has widespread expertise and experience in promoting and establishing technology and telecoms brands to a global B2B audience.

Having run award-winning campaigns for employee, influencer and buyer audiences across national and language borders she can tap into a wide network of industry and influencer connections in markets across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Anu passionately believes that campaigns that don’t resonate with their audiences are a waste of time, money and effort. She also believes that sustained, systematic communications are the key to building and maintaining a brand.

Her passion is contagious and she has the ability to get those she’s talking to just as excited and energised as she is. While she would have loved to work in fashion, a computer science degree and twenty years working with telecoms, electronics and wireless brands have shaped her into a techy through and through. Her pursuit of endurance sport of all kinds means she has her physiotherapist on speed-dial. She’s now trying her hand at Bollywood dancing, to the dismay of her friends and well-wishers.









Claire has worked in the B2B tech industry for a number of years now, within both PR and content marketing. With extensive knowledge and experience of writing for telecoms brands and highly technical companies, Claire has developed and promoted a wide range of content for a global B2B audience. Developing and promoting content for social media channels to technical presentations for sales enablement, no task is too big or too small for her.


Claire believes that a content marketing campaign isn’t worth doing unless it’s done right. A stickler for perfection, she prides herself on her organisational skills, excelling in account management, giving clients peace of mind knowing that nothing will slip through the cracks.


When Claire isn’t walking Dexter, she enjoys exploring the English countryside on horseback or whipping up some delish vegan cakes. Fun fact about Claire, she’s currently working towards her next SCUBA diving qualification, to become a Sports Diver!

Sally Wills, Senior Account Manager










Sally joins Isoline following a decade long career spanning across B2B PR, digital and marketing, with an impressive portfolio of global enterprise clients to date. Most recently she worked on the launch of a new mobile messaging app in the EMEA market and has a history of managing end-to-end campaigns for complex technology solutions.

Passionate about measurement and analysis, Sally incorporates it into every project and piece of work undertaken, always asking the questions of ‘what does success look like’ and ‘what are we trying to achieve’ when setting objectives and mapping out measurement criteria for proven ROI.

When Sally isn’t getting her teeth into a new tech launch, she can be found travelling across Europe, most recently in Norway, or attending to the ever growing collection of plants and vegetables in her garden.

Case Studies

Tata docomo company logo

Engaging with audiences through compelling content

Challenge: Tata Docomo Business Services needed to keep customers interested in its solutions, but the technical nature of the services was a barrier

Strategy: A comprehensive content marketing campaign selling not services but business benefits and positioning the company as a collaborative partner

Result: Impactful and systematic content marketing campaign successful at driving customer interest

office block

Elevating conversation from product to solution

Challenge: BICS – one of the world’s most successful wholesale operators, needed to attract new non-traditional customers

Strategy: We decided to reposition from a product to a solution sell, simplifying the story to speak to broader, non-techy audiences

Result: More nuanced content and sales enablement collaterals from positioning to infographics that help sales team reach different customer segments around the world

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