The future of IoT in telecoms – challenges and opportunities

IoT in telecoms: the challenges and the opportunities Despite chip shortages and supply chain issues, there were more than 10 billion active IoT devices in 2021, with the number growing to 27 billion devices by 2025. No matter what type of telecoms service provider you are, the odds are that your business has been dramatically […]

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Create Your Ideal B2B Customer Profile (+ Free Template)

Why create a B2B ideal customer profile? Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar. You’ve spent hours creating detailed persona profiles only for them to languish in a Google Drive somewhere, unloved and forgotten. And yet, 82% of companies using buyer personas claim that it improved their value proposition. So what’s going on here? […]

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6 Instagram MedTech Brands You Need To Follow

Being a successful brand on Instagram takes a lot more than stock images, corporate captions, and a couple of hashtags. As the platform has matured, there have been a number of brands who have set the standard for how businesses should be using Instagram. With their good Instagram practices, they’ve made it big by using […]

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