4 things every successful content marketing campaign needs

Marketing campaigns are doomed to fail unless they are sustained and systematic. Unless your marketing objectives are really to ‘live fast and die young’ – which isn’t advisable – you need to get on the radar screen with high-quality and highly-relevant content and you need to stay there. Your campaign needs the fodder to stay visible on […]

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The four key traits of a senior communicator

More than half of UK workers plan to make changes to their careers in the next 12 months as a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Employees have realised the benefits of a more flexible work environment brought on by working from home initiatives, and the communications sector (especially marketing, content marketing, and PR) has […]

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Choosing the right content for your B2B marketing funnel

The B2B marketing funnel is fundamentally changing. While a prospect’s progress through the funnel has traditionally been driven by marketers, we are now seeing greater autonomy and empowerment from potential buyers. In practice, this means they prefer to conduct independent research before reaching out to sales or product marketing representatives. In fact, the average person […]

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